Zelya's Combat Registry

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Zelya's Combat Registry

Post by Relentless on Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:18 am


Phoenix Glove:

Classification: Weapon
Holding: Variable
Level: 1
Description: A magic weapon in the form of an orange glove to match her outfit.

Ability Name: Healing Hands
Type: Heal
Element: Holy
Usage: Unlimited
Description: Heals a single target.
Effect: Using this ability requires Zelya to constantly hold her hand to the affected area. The spot Zelya is touching is healed similarly to a Recruit rank Healing Crystal.

Ability Name: Power Boost
Type: Support
Element: Holy
Usage: 1
Description: Empowers a single target for the thread's duration.
Effect: Zelya may increase a single stat stat of a single target by 0.25 for the duration of the thread. This ability cannot be stacked on the same target.

Ability Name: Creator's Blade
Type: Shift
Element: None
Usage: Unlimited
Description: Produces a weapon.
Effect: Zelya can manifest a weapon of equal power from her glove without costing any significant amount of mana. If Zelya creates a new weapon the last one vanishes. These weapons have no abilities at all.

Enchanted Robes:

Classification: Armour
Holding: Full body
Level: 1
Description: The armour set is Zelya's normal attire; an orange minidress with no sleeves. It has gold trimming, and laces on the sides of her stomach to add some flare. Around her waist is a light tan fur cloak held up by a black belt. Around her neck is a fur necklace that's the same shade of tan as her cloak. On her feet are a pair of orange boots that run all the way up to the middle of her thighs. Starting from an inch above her knees and ending at her thighs, the boots have a split on the sides where gold lacing keeps the split held together. A gold trimming lines the tops of the boots, and a gold chevron is on the middle of each foot of the boots with highly ornate orange engravings inside.

Ability Name: Vixen's Force
Type: Supportive
Element: Non-Elemental
Usage: Passive
Description: Removes the needs to announce spells.
Effect: Zelya is able to cast her spells without needing to announce them. When the chat for a spell is used however, the spell is cast as though Zelya's control was .25 stronger. Spells that apply a statistical buff are increased by .25 if she uses their chant.

Ability Name: Arcane Reinforcement
Type: Supportive
Element: Non-Elemental
Usage: Passive
Description: Reduces spell cost.
Effect: Spells cost 10% less to cast.

Equipment 3:

Equipment 4:

Equipment 5:

Magic: Level 4

Spell Name: Steelheart Blossom
Spell Type: Support
Spell Level: 4
Element: Holy
Chant: "Great being of nature's might, grant your blessing to this one and protect their corporeal form."
Description: Increases Endurance and heals over time.
Effect: A light engulfs the target, appearing as a flower around the target's feet that slowly vanishes. The target gains +1 to their endurance for 5 posts and will slowly recover from wounds. Small cuts are instantly healed, large gashes take five posts to fully heal, missing body parts require stronger healing magic.

Spell Name: Empowering Light
Spell Type: Support
Spell Level: 4
Element: Holy
Chant: "Great being of passion, give power to this one and instill in them your burning heart."
Description: Increases Control, Perception, and Strength.
Effect: A light engulfs the target, appearing to wash over them and give them a silver aura for a second before fading. The target gains +1 to their Strength, Control, and Perception. This spell costs 3 times the mana to cast.

Spell Name: Spirit of Wind
Spell Type: Support
Spell Level: 4
Element: Holy
Chant: "Great spirit of freedom, grant this one the power of movement so they may evade fate."
Description: Increases Speed, Agility, and Reaction Time.
Effect: A spirit appears behind the target and wraps its arms around them before vanishing and empowering them. The target gains +1 to their Speed, Agility, and Reaction Time. This spell costs 3 times the mana to cast.

Spell Name: Pantheon of Blessings
Spell Type: Support
Spell Level: 1
Element: N/A
Chant: "Divines, grant us your power so we may venture out into this cruel world and face our enemies with valor. Protect our bodies and anoint our blades, guide them to our enemies and increase our chances of victory."
Description: Casts Zelya's buff spells with a boost.
Effect: Zelya begins glowing before releasing a wave of light that moves outward. As it touches them, a shimmer is seen over all of Zelya's allies within 100 yards. This grants them +1.25 to Strength, Control, Perception, Speed, Agility, Reaction Time, and Endurance. They recover 5% of their maximum mana per post and heal slowly over time, all for 10 posts. This spell costs 11 times the amount of mana for a level four spell.

Spell Name: Fire Blast
Spell Type: Offensive
Spell Level: 2
Element: Holy Fire
Chant: "May even your ashes burn, Fire Blast!"
Description: A blast of fire that deals greater damage to unholy beings.
Effect: Zelya holds her hand out and sends a 4 foot diameter ball of white flame that explodes upon impact. The explosion is 6 feet in diameter and all targets hit by the attack are lit on fire for 6 posts or until the fire is put out (whichever is shorter). This deals more damage to unholy, undead, and corrupt beings.

Spell Name: Light Shield
Spell Type: Defensive
Spell Level: 4
Element: Holy
Chant: "Light Shield!"
Description: A barrier to block incoming attacks.
Effect: Zelya puts her hand out and a wall of light appears in front her to block magical attacks. Any attack infused with mana will be blocked by this barrier, but melee attacks and non-magic projectiles (arrows, bolts, etc...) will go through. This barrier must be maintained by Zelya and can be expanded or shrunk as she desires.

Character Abilities

Ability Name: Rapid Growth
Ability Type: Support
Ability Level: 4
Related Stat: N/A
Description: Increases Dev. Point Gain.
Effect: The rate at which Zelya gains Development Points is reduced depending on the level of this ability. For every level of this ability, Zelya earns Development Points 1 word faster so long as the thread is Hard Mode. This does not stack with the Hard Mode DP gain increase.


None Yet:
Skin/Fur Color:
Eye Color:
Special Characteristics:

Reaction Time:

Equipment Name:

Ability Name:

Ability Name:
Type: Active

Ability Name:
Type: Passive


Arcanist: Level 0
Blacksmith - Armour: Level 0
Blacksmith - Weapons: Level 0
Chef: Level 0
Craftsman: Level 0
Fletcher: Level 0
Herbalist: Level 0
Magic Item Crafter: Level 0
Scribe: Level 1
Spiritualist: Level 0
Tailor: Level 0


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Re: Zelya's Combat Registry

Post by Game Master on Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:28 am

Seems legit.
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