Zelya's Combat Registry

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Zelya's Combat Registry

Post by Relentless on Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:18 am


Elkhorn Bow:

Classification: Weapon
Holding: Two Handed
Level: 1
Description: A bow made of elk horn that fires steel arrows.

Ability Name: Charge Shot
Type: Offensive
Element: Non Elemental
Usage: 10
Description: A shot that hits harder than normal arrows.
Effect: Zelya charges energy into her next shot before releasing it. The resulting attack fires faster, travels farther, and hits harder than her normal arrows.

Ability Name: Phoenix Rain
Type: Offensive
Element: Fire
Usage: 1
Description: A powerful wide-ranged Area of Effect.
Effect: Zelya fires a magic shot straight up, causing a light from above to intensify. Afterwards, for a 75 yard radius Phoenixes begin raining down from above. Each is only a foot from beak to tail, with a two foot wingspan; but explodes upon impact for a 1 yard AoE. This continues for a post.

Enchanted Robes:

Classification: Armour
Holding: Full body
Level: 1
Description: The armour set is Zelya's normal attire; an orange minidress with no sleeves. It has gold trimming, and laces on the sides of her stomach to add some flare. Around her waist is a light tan fur cloak held up by a black belt. Around her neck is a fur necklace that's the same shade of tan as her cloak. On her feet are a pair of orange boots that run all the way up to the middle of her thighs. Starting from an inch above her knees and ending at her thighs, the boots have a split on the sides where gold lacing keeps the split held together. A gold trimming lines the tops of the boots, and a gold chevron is on the middle of each foot of the boots with highly ornate orange engravings inside.

Ability Name: Vixen's Force
Type: Supportive
Element: Non-Elemental
Usage: Passive
Description: Removes the needs to announce spells.
Effect: Zelya is able to cast her spells without needing to announce them, however, the spells are made to be stronger by 1/4 of a point in control if she does announce them.

Ability Name: Arcane Reinforcement
Type: Supportive
Element: Non-Elemental
Usage: Passive
Description: Reduces spell cost.
Effect: Spells cost 10% less to cast.

Equipment 3:

Equipment 4:

Equipment 5:

Magic: Level 4

Spell Name: Mana Charge
Spell Type: Support
Spell Level: 1
Element: N/A
Description: Zelya loses MP to increase her ally's.
Effect: Zelya uses this spell by focusing on a target before casting it. Once cast, that target and anyone within 5 yards of them gains 10% of Zelya's mana. This includes any enemies within range.

Spell Name: Element Change
Spell Type: Support
Spell Level: 1
Element: N/A
Description: Changes the element of another spell/ability.
Effect: Zelya may cast this spell in conjunction with another spell or ability to change the resulting element. The elements she may change them to are limited to the 12 Divine Elements (except Time).

Spell Name: Void Shot
Spell Type: Offensive
Spell Level: 3
Element: Space
Description: An arrow that creates a black hole on impact.
Effect: Zelya fires an arrow from her bow that expands a dark sphere that's 5 yards in radius. The sphere begins pulling in anything within 20 yards of it, sucking it into the void never to be found again.

Spell Name: Healing Shot
Spell Type: Healing
Spell Level: 1
Element: Life
Description: An arrow that restores health.
Effect: Zelya fires an arrow from her bow that shines with a warm light, leaving a trail of light dust behind it as it rips through the air. Upon hitting a target it heals the target for a small amount, stopping any bleeding and patching up surface wounds. This spell harms undead, dead, and unholy targets instead of healing them.

Spell Name: Pyre Vixen's Claw
Spell Type: Offensive
Spell Level: 3
Element: Fire
Description: Deals fire damage with either a Dagger or fists.
Effect: Zelya forms Life Flames around either her fists, or her daggers and attacks with it. The flames burn the target terribly, and the Life element deals even more damage to undead, dead, and unholy targets.

Spell Name: Barrier Shot
Spell Type: Defensive
Spell Level: 3
Element: N/A
Description: An arrow that spawns a barrier on impact.
Effect: Zelya fires an arrow at the ground that creates a massive barrier wherever it lands. The barrier can resist Level 3 attacks, buckles under Level 4, and shatters when hit by Level 5 attacks. The barrier is a straight line, three feet thick, and is foggy at the base fading to transparent at the top.

Character Abilities

Ability Name: Rapid Growth
Ability Type: Support
Ability Level: 3
Related Stat: N/A
Description: Increases Dev. Point Gain.
Effect: The rate at which Zelya gains Development Points is reduced depending on the level of this ability. For every level of this ability, Zelya earns Development Points 1 word faster so long as the thread is Hard Mode.


None Yet:
Skin/Fur Color:
Eye Color:
Special Characteristics:

Reaction Time:

Equipment Name:

Ability Name:

Ability Name:
Type: Active

Ability Name:
Type: Passive


Arcanist: Level 0
Blacksmith - Armour: Level 0
Blacksmith - Weapons: Level 0
Chef: Level 0
Craftsman: Level 0
Fletcher: Level 0
Herbalist: Level 0
Magic Item Crafter: Level 0
Scribe: Level 1
Spiritualist: Level 0
Tailor: Level 0


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Re: Zelya's Combat Registry

Post by Game Master on Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:28 am

Seems legit.
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