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Official: Affiliate Requests

Post by Game Master on Sat Apr 15, 2017 6:40 am

Site Link: Please provide a link to your site using the URL code provided.
Setting: What's the setting of your site? Anime/Game it's based on? time Period? General description of what's going on in the universe.
Site Rating: G, PG, PG-13, T, M, M-18, AO, X
Violence Level: Level 1 means none of it is tolerated
Sexuality Level: Level 2 means it's allowed, just not in excessive amounts.
Language Level: Level 3 means it's allowed in any quantity, go ham.
How did you find us?: If one of our members referred you, mention them here please. If you found us from an advert, or we made an affiliate request on your site, or anything that would point you in our direction.
Is there anything on Magic Prodigy you would change?: Yes or no?
If so, what would you change?: If 'Yes' to the above, let us know. As the site owner, I take all suggestions into account to create a fun and friendly RP environment.
Your site's affiliate stamp: All stamps must be either 77 or 160 pixels wide, and 30 pixels high exactly.

Site Link: Magic Prodigy
Setting: Magic Prodigy is set in a slightly modern, medivel fantasy world that's recovering from a war that lasted several centuries. The land is scarred beyond compare, and the gods have done all they can to help it heal. Take up the mantle of responsibility as a hero, stand idley and watch time pass by as a neutral party, or throw the world into further chaos as a villain. The choice is yours.
Site Rating: T
Violence Level: 3
Sexuality Level: 2
Language Level: 3
How did you find us?: I made the site ~.0
Is there anything on Magic Prodigy you would change?: Unsure, awaiting feedback.
If so, what would you change?: N/A
Your site's affiliate stamp:

[b]Site Link[/b]: [url=][/url]
[b]Site Rating[/b]:
[b]Violence Level[/b]:
[b]Sexuality Level[/b]:
[b]Language Level[/b]:
[b]How did you find us?[/b]:
[b]Is there anything on Magic Prodigy you would change?[/b]:
[b]If so, what would you change?[/b]:
[b]Your site's affiliate stamp[/b]:
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