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Official: Staff List

Post by Game Master on Thu May 11, 2017 7:18 am

Administrators are in charge of managing specific groups of staff. No admin is above any other, so all are on the same place on the proverbial totem pole. The Creator is in charge of double checking work completed by Graphic Artists and Developers. The Divine Mage answers questions about Magic. The Forge Master is the one you go to for questions about Companions and Equipment. Lore Master is the person who reigns supreme over quests, and events.

Head Admin - Game Master
Lore Master - None
Forge Master - None
Divine Mage - None
Creator - None

Moderators are individuals who help other members on site, answer questions, grade just about everything, and handle the brunt of the work. They're assigned to a specific task, but are allowed to do other tasks if they have nothing to do. There are five types of moderators. Character and Craft moderators are assigned to grade all Character applications, and item crafting threads. Combat Registry moderators grade Equipment and Pets. Trade Moderators are in charge of the shop threads, as well as updating the Coin Log in character profiles. Quest Moderators grade all quest completions.

Magic Moderators - None
Character and Craft Moderators - None
Combat Registry Moderators
Trade Moderators - None
Quest Moderators - None

Developers are background staff members. They have their own group, and access to certain threads that no other member other than admin can see. Developers approve quest creation, as well as look for things on site that can be improved on. They come up with new systems that can make the site better, and present their finished products to the Creator who looks it over and presets the finished product to Game Master who has the final say on it. Below will read 'Taken' instead of the player's name.

Developer - None
Developer - None
Developer - None
Developer - None
Developer - None

The Event Team is a small group of individuals who come up with events for the site. They comb over the Event Suggestion forum and look for good ideas. Events can be site-wide, Guild or faction specific, or limited to a mixed group. The Lore Master judges their finished product and helps improve it if possible before turning it over to Game Master for the final say. Events made will never have rewards disclosed before the event is finished, but will always be fully planned out before launching. Below will read 'Taken' instead of the player's name.

Event Creator - None
Event Creator - None
Event Creator - None
Event Creator - None
Event Creator - None

Graphic Artists are the smallest staff group, but are given the same respect as any other member of staff and the community. They're individuals who work on art for the site when it's needed. Below will read 'Taken' instead of the player's name.

GFx Artist - None
GFx Artist - None

Staff Application - Please PM this to Game Master
Name: Your real world name.
Age: Your real world age.
Email: Your email.
Longevity: How long have you been RP'ing?
Position: Which staff position are you applying for?
Staff Experience: What staff positions have you held before, and on what sites?
Purpose: Why do you want to be in the position you're applying for?
What you have to offer: What can you bring to the table? Everyone has something, even someone who's a carbon copy of someone else has something different they can contribute to a team.

[b]Staff Experience[/b]:
[b]What you have to offer[/b]:
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