Elayne Aisling Willaria - Application Split

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Re: Elayne Aisling Willaria - Application Split

Post by Relentless on Sat May 13, 2017 12:50 pm

Basic Info: Good
Appearance: Good
History: Good
Personality: Good

Preferred Weapon:
Surprisingly it is not her lyre, its actual her own fairy dust that she literally makes in infinite amounts. Through the use of a special gun the Lurkers made her, fairy dust is channel into the gun and then shot out in a blast. So far it is just a basic gun that fires concentrated fairy dust with the help of magic energy in her body, no modifiers or anything, just enough craftsmen ship to make it work. For this I'll have to turn down the gun just because the setting and timeline prevents it, even if the gun isn't an actual ballistic weapon. A substitute could be a crossbow that fires solidified fairy dust.
Secondary Weapon(s):
• Her lyre when strummed in specific songs she imbued magic into creates different effects. She has three main combat Songs:
Ballad of the Storms is a song dedicated to the Goddess of the Wind, and creates a vortex that knocks enemies that are in a 3 meter radius away from her. Whether they are knocked it dependent on the Endurance compared to her Control, lower endurance means getting knocked away and having equal means little or no knock back.
Aria of the Sun is a song dedicated to the God of Fire and it simply creates tiny orbs of light that spread around her in a spiral arrangement. Both an excellent light and a good fire starter, it gives second degree burns on contact. Works stronger whether under moon light. Though it is called Aria of the Sun, Elyane prefers to call it the Dance of the Fireflies.
Cheering Sonata is a song dedicated to the God of Artisans, and grants two effects depending on used tempo. The first use which is a slow tempo causes weapons of her allies to vibrate softly and glow blue. The weapon will then deal magic damage based on how much Strength they have, having only one bar if strength means they deal normal damage. The second use is a fast tempo which causes enemy weapons to glow orange and deal damage based on how much Control they have, max Control meaning they deal normal damage. If this is the weapon you plan to register, it'll have to be put on the combat registry. Bear in mind that the weapons only get 2 abilities, so I advise making these into spells that can be cast and have abilities on the lyre that enhances them. For this section, simply mentioning that her secondary weapon is the lyre is all that's needed.

Weapon Proficiency: Level 3 350 DP will be deducted
Magic Level: Level 3 350 DP will be deducted
Natural Ability: Vocal Aid: Upon activation, while singing, her singing causes enemies to start repeated echoes of her singing like it is ghastly or something, causing them to go insane if they cannot handle it. All depends on your Control for this one. Looks good!
Natural Passive: Fairy Dust: She is one of the Fae that produces fairy dust on a daily basis when they fly, and though not useful on its own, it is potent in potions and the best dust an alchemist could dream of for making explosions with magic. When charged with magic, fairy dust can become a projectile that explodes on impact. I'd like you to specify how much MP it takes to charge it. It doesn't need to be a large amount, just something that makes sense like 50 or something.
Natural Power: Natural Gift: Like many of the Faes, Nature obeys her commands very well, but unlike the Fae, Nature does not obey her commands, it is in harmony with her dance and song, it does not need orders to be used. Upon playing the lyre or singing, nature bursts into life and starts protecting Elyane from attacks. There would need to be some set limit to how well it can protect her. Not saying make it trash defense, just give it a limit. While you don't need to mention it here, there would need to be a weakness to something. Fire burns, ice freezes, etc... Though I'd rather you kept that in the back of your mind instead of directly mentioning any weaknesses here.

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Elayne Aisling Willaria - Application Split

Post by AccidentalExplosions on Sat May 13, 2017 9:28 pm

Okay edits made
-Simplified the Lyre stuff
-Fairy Dust needs 25mp or more to charge, the more the better duh
-Added a sentence to let rpers know how to combat the plants.

Oh can you please pm me the coding if accepted? I like to keep it archived in my docs

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