Land of a Thousand Lakes, Part 8: The Mantra

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Land of a Thousand Lakes, Part 8: The Mantra

Post by Game Master on Thu Jun 15, 2017 1:21 am

Name: Land of a Thousand Lakes, Part 8: The Mantra
Rank: Abomination
Requirements for Lower Ranks: ≤ 1 Rank
Minimum Word Count: 17,500
Location: Land of a Thousand Lakes
EXP Gain: 20,000
Coin Gain: 0
Item Reward: The Mantra
The item appears to be a ring with an enchantment that lets you read the writing of the gods.
At the top of the temple of Aura, you find thirteen pillars inside of the room. Each of them is blatantly aligned to a god as they all have a symbol on them that's used to resemble one of the gods. Twelve of the pillars are arranged like the numbers on a clock, and in the middle of the room is the thirteenth pillar. The thirteenth pillar has no markings, it's just a blank cylinder.

The head monk tells you the reason why he tested you. He tells you that what you're about to go through, will be the most painful experience of your life. The pillars all begin to glow and you feel your body being torn apart, literally. Everything goes black, and you wake up in a world that looks exactly like the room you were just in... except everything is dark blue and smokey looking. Your Mark of the Laviathan begins glowing, and a path of light extends before you.

Following this path, you'll be guided across Ozulon to the heart of the enchanted forest. Here, you'll find a Fairy that doesn't try to kill you, but rather speaks with you. She wants to know why you're there, and begins asking you questions that force you to look deep within yourself. She seems to know more about you than you know, and even gets to a point where you have no answers... (This interaction is 100% your own, you'll decide the exact questions used. Use this as an opportunity to develop your character).

Once you reach the point where you have no answer to give, the Fairy places a small ring in your hand and vanishes. You'll wake up back in the room with the pillars and the world will look normal once again. After putting the ring on, you'll be able to read the torn book and find out more about the items you got. The glowing water, and crystal are used to create a key that'll let you interact with the god of the sea, Levyathan.

Enemies: Unknown
Is it alright to make up my own enemies?: Yes
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