Land of a Thousand Lakes, Part 10: Levyathan

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Land of a Thousand Lakes, Part 10: Levyathan

Post by Game Master on Thu Jun 15, 2017 2:15 am

Name: Land of a Thousand Lakes, Part 10: Levyathan
Rank: Hellraiser
Requirements for Lower Ranks: ≤ 1 Rank
Minimum Word Count: N/A
Location: Land of a Thousand Lakes
EXP Gain: 50,000
Coin Gain: 150,000
Item Reward: Levyathan Orb
The orb glows with incredible power. Just touching it makes you feel like you're one with the sea, but what does it do? Best to keep it somewhere safe until you find out.
Use the Leviathan's Key on the pillar representing Levyathan at the top of the Temple of Aura. Doing this will create a light running from that pillar to the one in the middle of the set. Your Mark of the Leviathan will urge you to step through, and when you do, you find yourself standing on water beneath a starlit sky. The waters ripple while rising at a point and taking the shape of a man. When he finishes taking form, he has dark blue hair and light blue eyes filled with compassion and love. (Notify Game Master at this point as he'll be RP'ing as Levyathan.)

Enemies: None
Is it alright to make up my own enemies?: No
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