The Scar, Part 4: Geoclopes

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The Scar, Part 4: Geoclopes

Post by Game Master on Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:27 am

Name: The Scar, Part 4: Geoclopes
Rank: Poltergeist
Requirements for Lower Ranks: ≤ 1 Rank
Minimum Word Count: 2,250
Location: The Scar
EXP Gain: 500
Coin Gain: 12,000e OR N/A
Item Reward: N/A OR Geoclope Mask
The Geoclope Mask allows the user to see in the dark, as well as fire a blast of light from it that has power equal to a Level 5 spell. If the user pust 5% of ther maximum MP into it, the attack's power increases to Level 11.
The red dot on the map that shows up as soon as your rank hits "Grunt" or better appears over an area that no one's been able to explore before. The reason being a group of individuals inhabiting the area knowns as Geoclopes. It's a combination of Geo, the word for 'Earth' and Cyclope; a referance to the one-eyes laser shooting monsters that are now extinct.

The map shows a path on it that takes you through a safe route that lands you at the Geoclope camp where you're not attacked. You see Geoclope men and women moving about, minding their own business when one of their kind stops you by means of shooting a blast of energy at you.. from its face. Another one approaches and speaks directly into your mind, its voice sounding like a whisper. It tells you that you're not welcome here, but you won't be attacked so long as you keep your hands in plain sight. After going around town a bit, a pair of Geoclopes grab you and begin pulling you to meet with their leader, who has a request. He's extremely ill, and knows that outsiders have a remedy for his condition. You're presented with two options...

Option A.) Kill the leader in battle. He won't go easy on you, and he's immensly powerful for someone on his death bed. But killing him will award you his mask, a powerful item that'll allow you to fight with the same power as a Geoclope.

Option B.) Go to the nearest town and get the medicine their leader needs. This will increase the minimum word count of the mission by 1,750 words. When you bring it back, the leader of the Geoclopes will award you 12,000e and explain he got it from killing outsiders who attacked his people. He'll thank you and allow you to return anytime so long as you're peaceful about it.

Geoclope Leader
STR: 7
PER: 8
CTR: 15
SPD: 5
AGI: 6
ReT: 9
EDR: 10
Is it alright to make up my own enemies?: If not fighting the Geoclope, Yes.
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