Level 1 - Rock Golem

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Level 1 - Rock Golem

Post by Relentless on Tue Jun 20, 2017 1:51 am

Name: Rock Golem
Rank: Trainee
Requirements for Lower Ranks: N/A
Minimum Word Count: 350
Location: No Man's Land
EXP Gain: 15
Coin Gain: 700e
Item Reward: N/A
A rock golem's been patrolling No Man's Land, making the roads extremely unsafe for travelers and merchants and No Man's Land is already unsafe as is. Solar Phoenix is funding this one, and is requesting that someone go out to defeat the Rock Golem. No info is known about the Golem aside from it being ridiculously massive, and it can throw boulders like a body builder can throw a pebble.

Enemies: Rock Golem - Unknown combat data...
Is it alright to make up my own enemies?: Yes

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