Level 1 - Ice Elemental

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Level 1 - Ice Elemental

Post by Relentless on Tue Jun 20, 2017 1:52 am

Name: Ice Elemental
Rank: Trainee
Requirements for Lower Ranks: N/A
Minimum Word Count: 350
Location: Glacies Vale
EXP Gain: 15
Coin Gain: 700e
Item Reward: N/A
An arcanist in The Town Shining in the Night needs someone to go out to Glacies Vale and kill some Ice Elementals, and then bring their cores back to him. The notice is posted in multiple major cities since he needs a lot of them.

Enemies: Ice Elemental - Weak to fire, strong to Water, Wind, and Ice; uses Ice magic
Is it alright to make up my own enemies?: Yes

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