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Character Creation Guide

Post by Game Master on Sun Jun 25, 2017 5:42 am

Salutations, and welcome to Magic Prodigy!
Since you're looking up this guide, you must be wanting to know how to make your first character! This guide will only tell you about creating your character. Character Creation will create the base-line for your character, and help others understand him or her. It's a very basic form that sets your character's looks, personality, backstory, and the basics for combat. You'll go more in-depth with your combat on the Combat Registry, which is explained in the next 'How To' thread. For now, let's focus on creating your character.

Step 1:
• You'll want to have 2 tabs open for this. In the first tab, go to the Unapproved Characters Sub-Forum and in the second, go to the Character Template post.
• Create a New Topic in the Sub-Forum. On the Template post is a code at the very bottom, copy and paste it to the New Topic and title it as you see fit.
• In the Template Post is all the requirements to complete the Character Creation.

To answer some questions that may come up...
• Your character doesn't need a middle or last name, but a first name is required.
• You only need a minimum of 1 Like, Dislike, Fear, Motivation, and Goal. There's also no maximum.
• The difference between Motivations and Goals is that 'Motivations' are things that make you want to keep going. Like when an army notices their enemy is retreating, it motivates them to push forward. A 'Goal' is something you want, like how the army wants to win the battle so they can return home to their loved ones.
• You don't need to go into detail with your Preferred and Secondary weapons. You don't need to have 3 secondaries; but the max is 3. These are weapons you're good with, and very comfortable using. An example would be:
Preferred Weapon: Swords
Secondary Weapons:
- Daggers
- Bows
• Equipment Proficiency is the stat that dictates how powerful of weapons you can wield; ranked levels 1-10.
• Magic Level is the state that determines how many spells your have, and how powerful they can be; ranked levels 1-10 as well.
• Both Equipment Proficiency and Magic Level are increased using Development Points, you can find a link to the thread on those in the Template post.
• Natural Passive, Active, and Power; along with Character Abilities (Combat Registry) are the only abilities that can effect the meta. Other abilities,  (equipment, spell, pets, etc...) can only effect your or other characters; but not the meta.
• Spells aren't listed on your Character App; that's for the Combat Registry.

Step 2:
• Once finished, navigate to the Character Approval Thread and use the template to post in it. A moderator or administrator will grade your character application as soon as possible.
• If after 48 hours (2 days) your application isn't even claimed, post in the "Mod Notification" chat room in our Discord.

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