Equipment Creation How To

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Equipment Creation How To

Post by Game Master on Sun Jun 25, 2017 6:55 am

For your Combat Registry, you'll need to register your equipment first. The reason being is to make things easier during the registry grading. That, and you'll probably be upgrading equipment, changing their abilities, getting more equipment and needing those graded more than you'll be upgrading ALL of your combat stuff.

Step 1:
• Just like for Character Creation, you can find the template for equipment in the Unapproved Equipment sub-forum. Copy and paste this template to a New Topic and give that topic whatever name you desire.

To answer some questions that might come up...
• Guns of any kind aren't allowed. Magic gun, ballistic gun- it doesn't matter. Think early 1200's; bows, crossbows, swords, fireworks, spears, etc...
• If you're a mage, your starting armour is limited to your class (rangers with leather, melee with metal armour, etc...) but afterwards anything goes. Mages with plate armour, archers in lingerie; it's all good.
• Accessories count as rings, necklaces, bracelets, piercings, anklets, and any other thing you'd adorn your body with.
• Charms can be sutra's, tattoos, charm-sacks, or even special lights floating around you; or even a sprite following you around begging your attention consistently.
• There's no set limit to range of abilities, spells, or equipment; but try and take physics into account while using them in PvP. If a mod thinks the range on abilities is too much, just roll with it; no one's gonna break your arm over making a 10 mile shot in a non-PvP thread anyways.
• Your starting gear comes with enchantments, any gear purchased from the shop; or made by a Blacksmith DOES NOT (unless enchanted by an Arcanist).
• Here's a link to the Equipment Rules in case it's needed.
• Yes, it's 100% O-K to use your own template for equipment registration so long as it includes the information from the site's default template. But it's not advised since the change will be applied to your Combat Registration after approval...

Step 2:
• Go to the Equipment Approval Thread and use the template on post 1 to post a reply and let our mods know you're ready.
• After approval, a mod will copy your equipment to your Combat Registry. If you haven't made one yet, you'll be adding the approved equipment to the registry. Since it's pre-approved, it'll shorten the Approval step a bit.

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