Combat Registry How To

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Combat Registry How To

Post by Game Master on Sun Jun 25, 2017 8:43 am

With your weapon and armour approved, you're ready to start working on your Combat Registry. This will be the longest, and most frequently updated piece of information for your character of them all. The Combat Registration contains all of your spells, all of your equipment, your pet and their equipment, and your Character Abilities.

Step 1:
• The template for your Combat Registry is in the Unapproved Combat Registry sub-board.
• The code for this template takes a degree of skill, but I tried to keep it as basic as possible. If you need help with it, feel free to ask me or one of the site's staff.

A few answers for possible questions...
• If you don't have 5 pieces of equipment, just leave the other places blank as a place-holder.
• If you didn't put any points into Magic, put the Magic Level as 0.
• You have 1 Character Ability to start with. It costs Development Points to increase the level of it. Your Natural Ability, Passive, and Power level up with you instead of using DP.
• If you don't have a pet, put everything in the pet section of the code in a spoiler. This will act as a place-holder until you do have a pet.
• Artisan is the crafting section. The reason it's here is because it costs DP to level up. You get 1 skill for free to be level 1, and after that you need to increase them with DP.
• You can either buy skills with DP, or unlock them with quests; after unlocking them they'll cost DP.
• If you have questions about spells, feel free to ask staff members. DO NOT give them concepts, think of the full effect and present it to them so they can let you know if it's legit.

Step 2:
• Post in the Combat Registry Approval Thread to have it graded.
• Just like with all other applications, if after 48 hours the app isn't claimed feel free to post in the Mod Notification chat room in our Discord.

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