Questing How To

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Questing How To

Post by Game Master on Sun Jun 25, 2017 9:03 am

Performing quests is possibly the fastest way to get the EXP needed to level up. Remember, along with EXP your character needs to develop on a personal level as well. In order to undertake a quest, you first need to register for it.

Step 1:
• Finding a quest is simple. Go to the Quest Acquisition Board and choose from the available categories.
- Series Quests are quests that must be completed in order. Doing the series made for the site awards major pay-off at the end, as well as a nice achievement.
- Errand Quests are menial tasks like finding lost puppies, or getting cats from trees.
- Slayer Quests require you to kill monsters for profit. They have higher minimum word count than Errand Quests, but normally better pay as well.
- One-Time-Only quests offer great rewards, but normally have higher requirements. This is where you can find the quests to unlock Artisan skills.
- Guild Specific Quests, as implied, are quests only do-able by members of a specific guild. Guildless members can't have Guildless-Only quests, but they CAN go on Guild-Specific quests if accompanied by a member of the associated guild. Members of other guilds cannot do this.
• Once you've found a quest you want to take, use the template in the first post of the Quest Acquisition Thread to apply for it. A moderator or admin will approve the quest start.

Answers to questions...
• If you don't find a quest you like, you can make one. There's a How-To for that as well.
• For more methods of gaining EXP, check the Leveling Up rules in the Magic Prodigy Systems sub-board.
• Quests that award Influence may take longer for that influence to show up. This is because only Administrators can add Influence, as it requires access to the admin panel.
• While the minimum WC for quests can be met to turn the quest in, having higher word count, and better quality threads will award MORE exp than just turning in a bland "get it over with" quest.

Step 2:
• Once your quest is finished, use the template in the first post of the Quest Completion Thread to turn it in. Once graded, the EXP and Essence(if applicable) will be added to your account.

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