Quest Creation How To

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Quest Creation How To

Post by Game Master on Sun Jun 25, 2017 9:14 am

Creating quests is something you may find advantageous. While you CAN get EXP for doing combat-socials, you don't get Essence or Items from them. Quests can be made that award these, and while most that award items will be One Time Only; some can be made repeatable.

Step 1:
• I advise having 2 tabs open for this. The first tab you can start a new topic in the Unapproved Quest Creations sub-board, and the second to have the Template, Rewards, and Requirements to look at.

Answers to questions....
• You can make the Minimum Word Count higher for quests that to enable the quest to grant better rewards.
• If your quest requires the bare minimum words, and over-all isn't all that challenging; it will be allowed only the bare-minimum rewards worthy of a weak quest.
• Essence rewards can be reasonably high depending on quest requirements.
• Quest Creations are graded by specific Developers and Moderators, not all of them.
• Creation graders reserve the right to completely turn down a quest if the one creating it refuses to make any changes, or compromise. If the staff member is the one refusing to compromise at all, please message GM on Discord with evidence of this.
• Double XP quests are allowed, but are hard to get passed. Triple XP is the same, but harder and Quad XP is literally impossible.
• Monsters from some creations will be added to the Area Mobs list.

Step 2:
• Once you made the quest, turn it in for grading here.

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