Crafting How To

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Crafting How To

Post by Game Master on Sun Jun 25, 2017 9:38 am

No ultimate badass is complete without their armory, and not all people have enough stacks to buy all their crap. Artisan Skills allow you to make items cheaper than they cost to buy... a lot cheaper. The Crafting Rules will explain which Artisan Skills allows for which items to craft. There's no limit to how many skills you can have, just remember that they cost DP to level up, and you can only craft items as high as your crafting level.

Step 1:
• For most items, you need Base Materials. These can be bought from the General Goods Store at any time.
• All craftable items require a thread with a certain amount of words. These can be done in any thread on site

Answers to questions...
• Base Items are required to craft for most skills to prevent inflation, as well as set a base-line for prices.
• When crafting more than 1 item OF THE SAME TYPE AND RANK, the first item requires the full WC. The 2nd, and 3rd item after that requires half the word count; and all items after the 3rd require 1/4 the word count.
• If crafting multiple items in one thread, but not all are the same type and rank, the word count requirement stacks.
• If in a thread with someone else while crafting, the word count is not split among participants.
• You cannot use Quests to double as Crafting threads. Crafting threads are their own separate thread.
• The cost for increasing Crafting Skill levels is listed on the Development Point thread in the Magic Prodigy Systems ru

Step 2:
• Once finished, post on the Quest Completion thread to have the creation thread approved. Afterwards you'll need to have the item (if it's equipment) approved. If the item is food, the buff will be automagically applied.

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