Marques, Lihua WIP

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Marques, Lihua WIP

Post by Aphrodi on Wed Jul 12, 2017 11:47 pm

Lihua Marques

Race: Elf
Class: Wraith
Gender: Female
Age: 70
Guild: Guildless

Physical Appearance

Height: 1,66
Weight: 135 lbs
Eye Color: Lavender
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Length: Long
Skin Color: White
Special Looks: Her pupils are of a cross-like look, instead of the usual circular ones. That's a heritage from the Marques family of elves. Althought their origins are unknown, Lihua has always experienced not being able to see things much far away from her.
Normal Attire: A small dress-like white shirt that goes down towards her waist with part of it cut out as to form a under cleavage. With it she uses a brownish skirt with a white stripe on the end of it. On her feet, a pair of leather boots.
Combat Attire: On combat, she uses a very long red and white mage robe that goes close to her knees, therefore not using a second pair of clothing to cover her underwear. Her hair goes inside said robe, as to prevent it from being grabbed in combat. And on her feets, the boots are switched by a pair of sandals for better movement.


History: Lihua never was the most normal person in the world, even at birth. Her eyes both drew interested people closer to her and made others stay away. No one knew their purpouse, or what they meant, not even her family. And for years, she continued like that. A weirdo, someone who had something who no one else had and, therefore, was shamed by it. All that made her isolate herself from society as time passed, mainly spending day and night at the library, reading books and more books to make her life pass faster.

But, one day, she found a very interesting book in the depths of a old part of the library. It was a medical book, describing unique diseases and cases that couldn't have been treated by that time's medicine. One of the cases included a distant relative of her family, which beared of the same eyes. And, luckly, the disease being discussed were those same eyes. On it, the author described it as not a disease, but a curse granted by a witch. The length of the effects are unknown, but said parent already described his lack of depth vision, although he did not go deep on how he acquired it.

With that known, Lihua finally had a goal that would give her a good reason to leave her home and achieve other goals on the way. She had always read about the races who were no more, and was always interested on them, but could not leave her hometown because her parents thought it was a lost cause. But now, with the possibility of giving her a cure or at least an explanation for her eyes, her parents relunctly agreed to let her go. And so she did, carrying a basic knowledge of magic and a large bag of determination. What she would find only the gods could tell, but fearless she was, and fearless she'll be.

Personality: Lihua can be very reluctant to open herself to people, usually keeping whatever is wrong with her to herself only. If she does open to you, it will probably be by the form of constant stuttering and going through words while twiddling fingers. After you get her to open herself to you, you'll find a very competitive, but often too determined for her own sake type of girl.

If you want her to prove herself, she'll do anything, literally anything to do so. Respect is everything she wants, and she'll do everything to get it. Of course, this will often lead her into sticky situations by making her too focused on getting the respect of someone to acknowledge what she is doing to do so.

She's also very persistent, often going deeper than anyone if she believes its a good idea. And again, often leading her into bad. Very loyal, but very naive, given how isolated from other people she was as she grew up.

• Books. She pretty much did only read books for 69 years, so she kinda grew an affinity with them.
• Silence. Big ears, worst noise polution. And when reading books, silence is just too perfect.
• Practicing. As a still basic magic user, she's very eager to learn more, and practicing helps with that.

• Loud noises. Since she likes silence, she doesn't like loud noises.
• Braggy people. Lihua really hates when people jusy go on her face telling about how they killed this or how they did that. She doesn't you to go and tell her how famous you are compared to her.
• Over-confidence. Really, Lihua is a woman of statistics, not guesses. You shouldn't be going into this dungeon of death because you feel like you are man enough for it.

• Spiders. Small, hard to hit, cling easily and bite. They're the worst.
• Snakes. Just as bad as spiders, although a bit easier to hit.
• Salads. For some reason, Lihua's stomach doesn't react well to vegetables. It usually grants her a day of stomache.

• The chance of being treated as a normal elf. She spent 30 years being treated as a freak before recluding herself. She wants that to change.
• The possibility of achieving a better world. All those years recluded let her learn about the world via her books. And she wants to turn it back to the world the gods gifted they to live on.
• Fame. Of course, being able to teach a lesson to the ones who harassed her with a new reputation would be nice too.

• Bring back the races that have been exterminated in the war. She learned about them in the books, and all the history that led to their fate. She feel like it was an unfair fate for them all.
• Find the lost origin of her eyes. The mystery that plagued her entire life, a mystery that she's locked on solving.
• And in all much achieve the best world to live in possible. Because after all, who cares if she's got her eyes fixed if the world is still bad?

Combat Profile

Preferred Weapon: Staff
Secondary Weapon(s): Wand

Equipment Proficiency: 3
Magic Level: 3
Natural Ability: Regalia Eyes: Having been given these eyes since birth due to a curse of a witch, her unique eyes grant her +1.5 in Control, but remove 0.5 Precision.
Natural Passive: Fast Eyes: Lihua can learn anything from books, tomes or scrolls way faster than most people.
Natural Power: Ocular Boost: She gains +6 Control for 3 posts, but loses eyesight after the effect wears off for two turns. Can be used up to three times per battle.

Strength: 5
Precision: 4
Control: 10
Speed: 6
Agility: 6
Reaction Time: 5
Endurance: 4

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Re: Marques, Lihua WIP

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