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Evi Elwood

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Evi, Elwood

Nickname(s): E | Boss/Captain | Pandemonium
Race: Human
Class: Wraith
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Guild: Battle Crows

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'6
Weight: 105 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Silver and black
Hair Length: Short
Skin Color: Caucasian
Special Looks: N/A
Normal Attire Evi is regularly seen in a pure white kimono that covers his small physique. The Kimono is held firmly at the waist by a pitch black obi belt, though he occasionally wears a purple or a blue belt on special occasions. Underneath that white kimono is a second black shirt and pants so that if the Kimono flies off due to combat he's not buck naked. He also wears a pair of socks, sometimes white, sometimes black, and a pair of either sandals or tai chi shoes depending on how much he expects there to be a fight. This is all covering his small, mildy toned body that doesn’t stand out to much but doesn’t let you think your fighting a complete weakling. He’s just your average Joe in the appearance department and Evi uses his clothes to hit home that average Joe look to keep people from talking to him, though Evi may be the furthest from average in any respect outside of appearance.

Combat Attire: Evi's combat attire is the same as his normal attire though sometimes he lets the upper part of the kimono hang behind him, held up only by the belt.


HistoryEvi’s history starts in a laboratory. Well, I guess it starts with his birth but really none of that is relevant. Evi was born to a small family that didn’t have much in terms of wealth but made due without too much issue. When Evi was still just a small child, around age 5 or 6, his memory is fuzzy on the issue, his family was killed by bandits and he was captured and sold to the highest bidder as a slave.
Evi was then bought by a scientist working for the Ozulon government. The government was unaware of the transaction, but it none the less happened. Evi was then experimented on in terms of how to use spirits. He, along with other less than willing participants, was apparently chosen because they had a strong affinity with spirits. The goal of the experiment was to see if it was possible to merge spirits with humans to create biological weapons. Evi became the epitome of the researches success. While countless others died, or lost their minds, Evi remained sane. So the scientist pushed even further, forcing countless spirits and other creatures into Evi’s body with much success. At some point or another the scientist was found out, and the mercenary crew, the Black Crows, swooped in and took down the scientist, in the process, accepting Evi into their fold, as the only person who held a shred of sanity. By this point, Evi had over 100 spirits of varying planes inside his body, all fighting for control.
The Black Crows were a rowdy sort. Evi started at the bottom but was kept closely near the current leader of the Crows, A Lurker known as Gelor. By this time Evi was 13 and had spent over half a decade as a slave and experimental specimen, despite his body not showing much to prove otherwise. Gelor helped Evi learn to master many things, including reading, writing, mathematics, history, and of course, fighting. Gelor avoided large groups and stayed within the confines of the Crows base in the swamp lands, leaving the vice-captain, Joanna, to handle most of interactions with people. Despite being outside of the scar, he was still a Lurker and was avoided by most, if not all people, who were not members of the Crows, and many of them didn’t speak to the captain regularly to begin with.
In Evi’s years of studying with Gelor, Evi learned about ways to handle spirits. Gelor wasn’t exactly a spiritual type, he was a monster who didn’t even use magic, nor needed to. But he was a smart man who understood enough about the subject to keep Evi in the right direction. If worst came to worst he knew the right people who owed him favors to help Evi along. Evi learned that the spirits inside him were not dead, or even gone, they were living inside him, and that Evi would have to face them as time went along as they eventually came for control over his body. One by one Evi faced them in the confines of his mind and dreams. Evi fought them back but never got them under his control for many years. Gelor and his colleagues emphasized communicating with the spirits but it never sank in with Evi for the longest and all he could do was push them back into the black wavy wall of faces that was in his mind.
By the time Evi was 18 he was still at the bottom of the spectrum in terms of the Crows hierarchy, since he couldn’t fight. He learned to cook though and how to sew as well, so he could at least be useful.
Eventually though, as the dreams became more and more frequent and more and more spirits were challenging him at once, Evi finally exclaimed, “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!?” and a dialogue finally started to form between him and the spirits, slowly, one at a time.
The weakest were the first to talk with Evi. As time went on Evi was able to convince each and every one of them to lend them his power. Evi was now able to fight, as the spirits were now letting him use their bodies as part of his own, and Evi could transform and increase his appendages with the appendages of the spirits who supported him. Still spirits come though and there are many more to master.
Evi is now 22 at this point in history and has earned his keep as an asset over the 3 years since accumulating the spirits inside his body to his side. Evi has become close comrades with all of the crows. However this would be a turning point in Evi’s life that would turn for the worst. The Crows, in heavy debt at the time, were forced to take on a task they weren’t entirely fond of doing, collecting fairy hearts.
Thus the crows went to the enchanted forest, where they met a near untimely end. Rampaged by powerful magic and a flurry of arrows from the centaurs, the Crows were forced to flee. Many of the most acclaimed of the crows died defending the weaker, including the captain Gelor and vice captain Joanna.
After escaping only few remained. The rest were dead. Upon returning to their base only a few had returned, and empty handed, so they weren’t getting paid. Without anything else they could do aside from mourn their fallen leaders and champions, they decided who the next leader would be. They chose Evi.
Evi was against the leadership role initially, and was the most distraught by their comrades death, but was chosen unanimously by those there. Those few would leave eventually, leaving Evi to the base alone, comrades either lost to a flurry of arrows or fled. Evi did his best maintaining the place, he kept it clean and tidy, top to bottom. He had nowhere to go and was the leader of the Crows, the last remaining crow. Only a year after their defeat, still with a mountain of debt on his shoulders he has yet to pay off.

PersonalityAloof and silent and a downright prick when he actually is talking, Evi is an enigma to those around him. He rarely shows emotion and it takes a long time for the people around him to get comfortable with his antics. When he is speaking he's usually straight forward and blunt. He never hesitates to ask questions that may seem rude or inappropriate and doesn't really care for how others perceive him. He has a strong indifference towards others, especially those he doesn’t care about at all.

Despite seeming to not care about what’s going on, he certainly is paying attention. He just may not care and is waiting for something he does or can care about to appear in the conversation. Thus while he also tends to avoid people, people tend to avoid him. Evi likes it this way, as attachment leads to devastation in the end.
Underneath his bored, uncaring demeanor, Evi is a hyper calculating genius. Evi is constantly searching for answers and he frequently gets those answers. When Evi’s curiosity is piqued, he obsesses over whatever it is he’s studying until he gets the answers he seeks and has put countless comrades into positions less than pleasant, all because he was curious as to how powerful they would or could become or how they would handle a particular situation.
Evi has a rather large disdain for violence and hates killing people. Violence may be unavoidable at times but that doesn’t mean the end itself has to be violent and he’s always looking for a way to end conflicts without violence, even when all hope seems lost. Should he succeed he regularly taunts his adversaries for losing to a pacifist and his allies for deeming what he just pulled off impossible. It’s quite entertaining to see how irritated people get when their forced to confront their weaknesses. 

-Biology: From Botany to Zoology to Mycology, if it has something to do with life and existence, Evi has studied it and grows ever proficient in all fields of Biology, especially Macrobiology. Also, his body is an amalgamation of spirits that warp his body he studies these fields to better understand his powers

-Nature: Nature is a beauty no woman could ever achieve in this life time. That is the thought this perverted 23 year old loser has thought every time he gets a chance to observe it in all its glory and its cruelty.

-Abnormalities:What isn't normal behavior is typically an unknown. Unknown's require research to understand the phenomena. Abnormalities are worth putting time and effort into solving.

-Quiet: To much noise can disrupt a basic thought process. Don't make so much noise. Evi is thinking.

-People: Evi doesn't like talking to others and rarely interacts with people unless he absolutely has to, even then its typically done with an immediate desire to end the conversation and settle whatever matter needs to be settled quickly.

-Society: Society has unnecessary complexities that make it broken as a whole and a foolish endeavor to under go the effort of starting and sustaining. One little problem and the entirety of its populace goes into a frenzy.

-His name: Evi dislikes his name due to its femininity. He always refers to himself as E and never gives people his actual name or full name.

-Fighting: For someone so adept at combat, Evi actually doesn't like fighting. Evi can be seen as a pacifist but not your prototypical one. Evi feels that if he can solve problems without violence he looks way more badass and feels that taunting adversaries for getting beaten without throwing a single punch is far more enjoyable. Is he a prick? Yeah he's a prick.

-Attachment: After a pretty ugly confrontation that cost him most of his comrades, Evi dislikes being to familiar with those around him and avoids getting emotionally attached to those around him, keeping them at arms length.

-Faires/Centaurs: A devastating attack that cost him his comrades makes him hesitate around both species, knowing full well what they are capable of. A mistake of a life time by him and everyone he knew, which cost most of them their lives.

-Truth: As a scholarly man, knowledge is his forte and he makes any move to obtain more knowledge and seek the truth behind all things

-Curiosity: If something peeks Evi's interest, he'll keep pursuing it till he gets bored. If that's how powerful a person will become, he'll actively try and make them stronger, if its just knowledge, he'll obtain that knowledge. He's as fickle as they come.

-Peace: It might seem contradictory for a mercenary to seek the one thing that makes his job irrelevant but he is always seeking a peaceful solution over a violent one.

Combat Profile

Preferred Weapon: short Sword
Secondary Weapon(s):

Equipment Proficiency: Level 1
Magic Level: Level 4
Natural Ability: Hyaki Yagyo : The night parade of 100 demons. Really there could 1000 demons, nobody knows. They're actually spirits though, and Evi has access and is able to transform his body into multiple different types of spirits he has under his control and use their powers from that. He can transform into multiple different spirits at once, making him an amalgamation of beings that's reminiscent of a monstrosity and can change back at will. He can't mix different parts to his limbs though. If he uses a golem for his left arm, he can't mix that with a dryad. His power level isn't that high yet. His stats can be altered by these forms, but will always remain at a total of 40 (+1 per rank) while unbuffed. This power to transform at will is also his passive. 

Natural Passive: N/A

Natural Power: N/A

Strength: 6
Perception: 6
Control: 6
Speed: 3
Agility: 6
Reaction Time: 7
Endurance: 6

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