Lihua Marques - Grading Split

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Lihua Marques - Grading Split

Post by Relentless on Thu Aug 24, 2017 10:39 pm

Basics: Good
Appearance: Good
History: Good
Personality: Likes, Dislikes, Fears, Motivations, and Goals all need at least 1 sentence explaining the reasoning.
Magic Level: -350 Development Points
Equipment Proficiency: -350 Development Points
Weapons: Good
Natural Ability: Please specify the magic boost, and precision loss. "A magic boost equal to X Stars, and a Precision Loss equal to X Stars" would be plenty.
Natural Passive: No complaints there, seems like a plot boost to me. Smile
Natural Power: Natural Power is normally something really powerful, and it's normally an activation thing. "Lihua can increase her Control by +'X' for 'X' posts, but she loses 'X' Precision as a result. This can be done 'X' times per thread." You can go higher than +1, a lot higher if you wanted; but the stronger it is the less times it can be activated.
Stats: Seems legit, equals 40

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