Calypso Venari

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Calypso Venari

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Race: Alacasian
Class: Wraith
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Guild: N/A

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140 lbs
Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color: Orange/Brown
Hair Length: Mid-back (usually braided)
Skin Color: Caucasian
Special Looks: N/A
Normal Attire: Calypso almost always dresses in comfortable and practical clothes. Obviously depending on the environment she's in, she'll dress accordingly, but she will maintain the same level of practicality in every environment, no matter if it's the desert or the tundra. She usually wears clothes that she can move around very freely in. So, more often than not, you'll see her wear things closer along the lines of yoga pants rather than jeans since she has a greater range of motion in stretchier fabrics. Calypso very rarely wears jewelry. If she does, she'll wear things that won't impede with movement such as studs for earrings instead of hoops or dangles. As for her hair, she tends to keep it pulled back as well so that it doesn't get in the way. She could cut it short if she really wanted to, but then she would have more trouble keeping her bangs out of her face. So, she simply ties her long hair back in either a braid (normally French or Dutch) or a single ponytail.
Combat Attire: Same as normal attire.


History: Calypso was born of two Alacasians and was raised to be a traditional Alacasian. She was taught how to use a bow and arrow at a very early age. With that and learning a special brand of magic known only to her and her mother, Calypso would grow up to be a person with a kind of strength she didn't even know she had. While she primarily trained with a bow and magic, Calypso also learned how to use daggers, staffs to channel her magic and even a simple straight sword. Of course, this was all to be expected out of an Alacasian. They were traditionally fierce protectors. They didn't earn the nickname "Gate Guardians" for nothing.

With a brief summary of Calypso's history, one would think that she grew up just as any other Alacasian did. However, due to her unique type of magic, she was not raised as a normal Alacasian. Though she hid it very well, she was always battling her mind. Calypso's magic revolved around using her mind to produce different effects. She didn't have some magic force or element that she could manipulate. She couldn't embrace the cold and produce a snowflake. She couldn't "flow" like water and make raindrops. She couldn't feel fiery passion and produce a flame. Her mind was the very source of her magic and learning to take control of her mind was a constant struggle for her. It was almost like creating something out of nothing. Calypso often found that meditation helped her relax and thus make it easier to grasp the magic that resided deep within her mind. In fact, it worked so well that she often forgot that she was supposed to be working on other ways to use her magic. It wasn't until she was fifteen years old that she was finally able to reach inside her mind and use the magic that remained dormant without the help of meditation to cast a spell. It was the best feeling she had ever had, and from that moment on, using her magic became a lot easier and she was able to quickly gain control over it.

When Calypso turned eighteen, she set off on her own journey to become the best wraith she could be. Both her mothers completely respected her decision (albeit being a bit disappointed that she didn't stay behind to help guard her home and the wildlife) and let her go on her personal adventure.

Personality: When you first meet Calypso, she'll seem like any ordinary person. She is neither introverted nor rather extroverted. She enjoys hanging out with people, but it's not what fuels her nor drains her. She enjoys having a conversation just as much as the next person and if you see her walking among a crowd, nothing really stands out about her. She just blends in with the rest of society. Or at least, that's what it seems. If you actually took the time to watch Calypso throughout the day, you would notice that she goes to a lot of different locations. Perhaps you would pick up on the fact that she likes to travel and go to new locations. The logical conclusion would be that she has an adventurous spirit, and that assumption is accurate. However, along with Calypso being adventurous, she does go around to a lot of different locations because she does favors for others. More specifically, she does tons and tons of quests. The act of doing so gives Calypso a great sense of satisfaction. She loves the feeling she gets when she helps those in need, so not only is questing good since she gets to go around to different places, but it's good for her soul as well.

If you follow Calypso around even more or just hang out around her, you'll notice that she seems to poke her nose in places that she really shouldn't. This Alacasian is a very curious one indeed. Her curiosity is endless. If something would so much as spark a tiny interest in someone, it will completely fascinate Calypso and her mind will implore her to investigate whatever it is in order to understand it better. As a result of her curiosity, Calypso has gained a wealth of knowledge, making her a rather intelligent person. However, that's not something someone would assume right off the bat. Calypso can be a bit silly and forgetful at times, giving the illusion that she may not retain information all too well. However, just because she may forget where she put her hairbrush doesn't mean that she doesn't know complex math equations or the science behind certain types of healing magics.

• Nature - Although she's certainly no satyr or fae, Calypso has always loved nature. Although she may not have a direct relationship with nature like some other races, the Alacasians were often protectors of nature and wildlife, so it was only natural that Calypso would grow up learning to love it.
• Creatures - Animals, especially those of magical origins, have always fascinated Calypso to no end. Their behaviors and characteristics are just so different from those of other races. It makes her wonder what it would like to have the mind or instincts of one.
• Rain - Most people, Calypso would assume, don't like rain. However, she finds it rather soothing to listen to and when she was younger, she played in it all the time.

• Love - Calypso isn't attracted to anyone of any gender. Besides, she thinks that love will just get in the way of her life as a wraith. It would delay her in achieving everything she wants to have in life.
• Poachers - Since Calypso loves animals, it's no wonder that she hates people who illegally kill innocent animals regularly to sell their hides and such. She doesn't dislike hunters though, who do kill animals for either food or money, but they do it legally.

• Losing Magic - Just as how magic motivates her, Calypso is terrified to lose her magic.
• Death - Calypso is doubtless that people are afraid to die, despite the fact that resurrection is possible. However, Calypso is more afraid of what happens after death. Will there be some form of afterlife? Will Calypso go to a good or bad afterlife? What happens if she doesn't get resurrected?

• Magic - Magic has always found a way into Calypso's heart. The very existence of magic makes her want to explore it more. In her eyes, magic is the very reason she has a purpose in this world. Somehow losing the ability to use magic would completely negate her drive.

• To become a master archer - Since Calypso has been training with a bow for almost her entire life, it's only natural that she would want her skills to evolve into the best they could be.
• To craft an immensely powerful bow - Alongside being a master archer, Calypso wants to add a personal touch to her combat style and she would like to do so by crafting her own weapon.
• To master her magic - Calypso's magic is very personal to her and she wants to expand its power as much as she can to unlock its secrets and possibly learn some new things about herself through it.

Combat Profile

Preferred Weapon: Bows
Secondary Weapon(s):
• Daggers
• Staffs
• Straight Swords

Equipment Proficiency: 1
Magic Level: 4
Natural Ability: Resurrection
Once per thread, Calypso can resurrect one person of her choosing. This person must be in the thread with her and must be within 50 meters of Calypso. Upon resurrecting the deceased person, the person will be alive and well with all of their wounds healed and their mana pool restored. However, Calypso's mana will be completely drained and she will pass out from the sudden and immense drainage of mana. While she's unconscious, her mind will turn on her due to the type of magic she has and give her horrifying dream-like illusions. Unless her energy is somehow restored, she will regain consciousness after three posts but her mana pool will remain empty.
Natural Passive: Alacasian's Eye
Alacasians are naturally good with a bow and arrow. Combined with that and the fact that Calypso has been training with a bow since she was a young girl, she has acquired a very keen eye, often allowing her to pick out details that other would have missed. It also gives her a permanent +2 star increase to precision.
Natural Power: Mind Over Matter
Calypso uses her magic to temporarily improve a number of her stats. By consuming 5% of her mana pool per post, Calypso adds 1 star to her speed and agility stats for every level of magic she has. This can only be used twice per thread.

Strength: 2
Precision: 8
Control: 10
Speed: 5
Agility: 5
Reaction Time: 8
Endurance: 2

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Re: Calypso Venari

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