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Race: Lurker
Class: Cerberus
Gender: Male
Age: 52
Guild: Battle Crows

Physical Appearance

Height: 7'5
Weight: 280
Eye Color: Gensago's left eye has a black sclera and blood red eye color. Gensago's right eye is gone, replaced by a well shaped chunk of obsidian glass to keep the critters from trying to crawl in.
Hair Color: bald
Hair Length: bald
Skin Color: black
Special Looks: Severe burn scar over his face and right eye.
Normal Attire: Gensago's normal attire is a suit of black leather armor. The armor consists of a pair of forearm gauntlets and formed into fingerless gloves so Gensago can better feel the weapon he is currently holding. The chest piece rests around his massive torso comfortably, with a black turtleneck underneath the armor piece so he doesn't feel itchy or cold with just leather on. Down to the legs he wears a pair of thick black pants to go with more black leather boots to go over them. The full suit of armor is pitch black, and blends in with his black skin. From afar, Gensago looks like a black shadow. From up close on will notice the wear and tear on the suit of armor. Many holes in the suit have been haphazardly stitched up and there's fringe damage and frays shooting outward all over the armor.

Combat Attire: Same


History: Gensago was born in scar like all Lurkers, and lived in one of their packs for the entirety of his child years. During this time, Gensago learned how to fight alongside his friend, Gelor. Gelor was a master of the spear and sword short and Gensago responded by mastering greatswords and axes. Life was difficult, but they were able to survive in their small little group within the bowels of the Scar.

Life got worse after a necromancer stumbled upon his Lurker pack. All of his allies, aside from him and Gelor, were killed and reanimated for the vile mages purposes. The necromancer set all of the lurkers on fire, Gensago getting caught and somehow surviving the blaze, though the right side of his face would be forever charred and his eye lost entirely. Gensago and Gelor were forced to kill their friends and family one by one until a lone archer, Jinso, appeared and slain the necromancer with a single arrow to the eye.

After the necromancer was killed, Jinso introduced himself as leader of a mercenary group known as the Battle Crows, and invited Gensago and Gelor to join. Having nowhere to go, they joined the group. Gelor fit in quite well rather quickly, Gensago less so. Gelor was more sociable than Gensago and would rise quickly through the ranks because of it though they were similar in ability. Gensago also had issues working in groups, which improved over time. After Jinso retired years later and vanished into the deepest parts of swamp that the guild called home, Gelor became the boss and Gensago became one of the guilds top warriors, the Vulture.

Gensago would be feared and respected as a terrifying force on the field of battle and none would stand in his way for years after that; then came the day of reckoning. The crows, in a bit of debt, were forced to take a job that required them to hunt fairy hearts, something Gelor was opposed to doing. Gensago had no issue with killing but Gelor wasn’t keen on this but had little say in the matter if they wanted to fund the guild. Thus the crows ventured into the enchanted forest. What awaited them was a flurry of arrows and a torrent of magical attacks. Nearly all of the crows, Gelor included, died. Gensago was one of the few survivors, though his leg was severely injured.

After the failed fight in the enchanted forest the crows elected to make E, a younger member of the guild, their leader, as he was Gelor’s student and protégé. Gensago had no complaints. He was old by this time, 52 already. Gensago retired from age and injury and now lives in Buzzard’s Perch, supporting the guild through other means, learning all the skills a supporter of the guild should learn. He has new challenges ahead of him in life that no longer involve slaying an enemy and he is going to confront them head on.

Personality: Gensago is a silent warrior to a fault. Literally even Gensago is a mute who communicates with gestures instead of words. He's also a man who believes in valuing the group over the individual and has no qualms laying down his life if it'll benefit the group as a whole, something he's done twice and has cost him twice.

Gensago is also incredibly sensitive to other people’s emotions and has a knack for reading people early on and gets hostile against any perceived threat to himself or his group. He’s also fairly evasive of people and prefers to be alone, working on his woodwork. This is contrary to his persona of being nearly unreadable, with only long time allies being able to discern the charred Lurkers moods. Nowadays this understanding of people is how Gensago earns his keep in his guild, being an old mentor to many of the young recruits and keeping an eye on them. They’re going to need to get comfortable around guys who aren’t as savory as a charismatic prince, you won’t find one of those guys within a lowly mercenary group but Gensago’s are a dime a dozen, and many of them are far more loud mouthed than Gensago is.

There are rumors that Gensago has never once smiled. These rumors are false but not as false as you may believe as Gensago has only smiled a total of 5 times in the 35 years he’s been a member of the crows.

In combat Gensago’s silent warrior persona is pushed even further. The vibe he gives off is intense and murderous and his ruthless and complimentary to his cut-throat combat style. The crows usually gave him missions where killing was necessary as taking a person alive wasn’t something Gensago was good at. Once his target’s have been locked in he does whatever is necessary to complete the mission. For a long while he would even endanger comrades however in 35 years of experience he isn’t so reckless as to ignore his comrades well being.

• Quiet: Gensago likes when things are quiet. Too much noise is a problem. It also scares away the birds.

• Birds: Gensago likes birds and can regularly be seen feeding the crows outside of the Battle Crows base.

• Swamp: The swamp is reminiscent of home but with much more available in terms of resources if your willing to get your hands dirty.

• Noise: It drives the birds away. And gives Gensago a headache. It's also distracting. You can expect to get whacked in the head if you start getting to loud around Gensago-senpai.

• Cities: To many people and way to much noise.

• Necromancers: Gensago's had to deal with their sorry lot a lot growing up in the Scar, and they're a pretty disgusting sort overall.

• Fire: Gensago has an extremely adverse reaction to fire. This can be assumed by just looking at his face. When faced with fire Gensago will either try and extinguish it immediately(in many times violently) or escape as quickly as possible.

• Survival: Living in the scar alone for so long, Gensago's only objective is to not die. He kills when he is hungry and will eat anything and everything he kills, and will kill anything he perceives as an immediate threat to him

• The mission: As a career Mercenary, Gensago is focused on the task at hand, even in retirement. Nowadays all he really does is cook and go hunting for the Crows but that is a job and a job he must fulfill. 

Combat Profile

Preferred Weapon: Greatsword
Secondary Weapon(s):
• Axe
• Spear

Equipment Proficiency: Level 3
Magic Level: Level 0
Natural Ability:
Natural Passive:
Natural Power: A hollow eye - Gensago's charred eye is a blessing in disguise. When Gensago glares at an opponent for the first time with his good eye, his obsidian glass eye can look even more menacing and intimidating, causing their best stat(excluding endurance) to lower by 3 for 5 turns. This can only be used once per fight.

Strength: 9
Precision: 2
Control: 1
Speed: 6
Agility: 6
Reaction Time: 8
Endurance: 8

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