Gensago {WIP}

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Gensago {WIP}

Post by Gensago on Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:41 am


Race: Lurker
Class: Cerberus
Gender: Male
Age: 52
Guild: Battle Crows

Physical Appearance

Height: 7'5
Weight: 280
Eye Color: Gensago's left eye has a black sclera and blood red eye color. Gensago's right eye is gone, replaced by a well shaped chunk of obsidian glass to keep the critters from trying to crawl in.
Hair Color: bald
Hair Length: bald
Skin Color: black
Special Looks: Severe burn scar over his face and right eye.
Normal Attire: Gensago's normal attire is a suit of black leather armor. The armor consists of a pair of forearm gauntlets and formed into fingerless gloves so Gensago can better feel the weapon he is currently holding. The chest piece rests around his massive torso comfortably, with a black turtleneck underneath the armor piece so he doesn't feel itchy or cold with just leather on. Down to the legs he wears a pair of thick black pants to go with more black leather boots to go over them. The full suit of armor is pitch black, and blends in with his black skin. From afar, Gensago looks like a black shadow. From up close on will notice the wear and tear on the suit of armor. Many holes in the suit have been haphazardly stitched up and there's fringe damage and frays shooting outward all over the armor.

Combat Attire: Same


History: Gensago was born in scar like all Lurkers, and lived in one of their packs for the entirety of his child years. During this time, Gensago learned how to fight along side his friend, Gelor. Gelor was a master of the spear and sword short and Gensago responded by mastering greatswords and axes. Life was difficult, but they were able to survive in their small little group within the bowels of the Scar.

Personality: Gensago is a silent warrior to a fault. Literally even Gensago is a mute who communicates with gestures instead of words. He's also a man who believes in valuing the group over the individual and has no qualms laying down his life if it'll benefit the group as a whole, something he's done twice and has cost him twice.

Gensago is also incredibly sensitive to other peoples emotions and has a knack for reading people early on and gets hostile against any perceived threat to himself or his group.



• Fire: Gensago has an extremely adverse reaction to fire. This can be assumed why just looking at his face. When faced with fire Gensago will either try and extinguish it immediately(in many times violently) or escape as quickly as possible

• Survival: Living in the scar alone for so long, Gensago's only objective is to not die. He kills when he is hungry and will eat anything and everything he kills, and will kill anything he perceives as an immediate threat to him


Combat Profile

Preferred Weapon: Greatsword
Secondary Weapon(s):
• Axe

Equipment Proficiency:
Magic Level: Level 0
Natural Ability:
Natural Passive:
Natural Power:

Strength: 9
Precision: 2
Control: 1
Speed: 6
Agility: 6
Reaction Time: 8
Endurance: 8


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