Battle Crows Information and Roster

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Battle Crows Information and Roster

Post by Evi Elwood on Mon Dec 11, 2017 2:20 am

Battle Crows History and Lore

The Battle Crows are an incredibly long lived mercenary group with a long history. In its history, the crows have had 12 deceased leaders, with its 13th leader, E, currently leading the flock.  The Crows Mantra is “peck out their eyes, devour their tongues”. To some this may seem to try and intimidate foes by making the crows seem deranged, the mantra however is a testament to the survival ability of the rugged guild. The Battle Crows never seem to die out no matter how much effort is put in, and they have a willingness to eat anything and use any tactics as a means of surviving, such as “pecking out their eyes” or “devouring their tongues”.

Buzzard's Perch

Making your base in the swamp doesn’t leave a whole lot for you in terms of flash and flare, however the black crows make do with their base currently built atop the swamp itself using massive tree roots as support. It’s not the most luxurious place in the world but it gets the job done. The swamp itself protects from intruders.

Guild Roles
Boss/Captain: The leader of the guild. All final decisions and major decisions are his/her’s and his/hers alone. He/she also decides who can join the crows and who must leave.

Lieutenant: The leaders number 2. The vice-captain tends to take care of most management roles and supporting the Boss. This includes covering the boss' weaknesses. For example, the 12th Boss of the Crows, Gelor, was a Lurker and clients were typically frightened or revolted by his appearance; so is Lieutenant had to speak to every client the guild had.

Terror Birds: The guilds 3 strongest fighters and the Boss's personal fighting squad. they take the titles of the Raven, the Vulture, and the Owl. Each is particular to a certain class of combat. Members are regularly referred to by their title rather than their name. They only take orders from the boss or lieutenant and typically lead groups of guild members. It's not uncommon for Terror birds to be stronger than the boss or lieutenant, as those roles require more nuance and intelligence to pull off.
             -Raven: The Raven is a Powerful mage (Wraith).
             -Vulture: The vulture is a powerful close combatant(Cerberus).
             -Owl: The Owl is a powerful archer and/or stealth combatant(Banshee).

Full-fledged members: All fully recognized members of the guild, the cowl of the crow is used to prove their status and merit. In order to become a full fledged member one must complete this quest,

Recruits: Small time recruits who are allowed in the guild hall but aren’t recognized by the boss. Sometimes referred to as fledglings.

Supporters: Non-combatants who have been recognized by the boss and have their own Cowl. They support the guild in various ways, such as cleaning, crafting, cooking, and other artisan skills. Just because they aren't fighters, it doesn't mean they can't fight- they just prefer not to.

Current guild roster:

Boss/Captain: Evi ‘E’ Elwood

Lieutenant: N/A

Terror Birds: N/A

Full-fledged members: N/A

Recruits: N/A

Supporters: N/A
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