Evi Elwood Character App Split

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Re: Evi Elwood Character App Split

Post by Relentless on Mon Aug 28, 2017 11:00 pm

Approved. You can add the abilities later if you think of any. Just know that PvP on this site is RP based, and rules for effects are fairly lax.

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Re: Evi Elwood Character App Split

Post by Relentless on Tue Dec 05, 2017 2:26 am

Opened at user's request:

Evi, Elwood

Nickname(s): E
Race: Human
Class: Wraith
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Faction: Tartaros (Kinda)
Guild: N/A

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'6
Weight: 105 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White/Grey
Hair Length: Short
Skin Color: Caucasian
Special Looks: N/A
Normal Attire: Evi is regularly seen, if seen at all, in dark black robes that adorn his body. The robes are adorned with gold embroidery around the sleeves and outer parts of the robe. The other color of the robe is a royal purple color that is the entirety the inside of the robe with purple eyes going down the sleeves., the eyes being the insignia of his university. Underneath the robe is fairly straight forward, a simple white cotton shirt and a pair of white cotton pants. He wears a pair of brown gloves and a pair dark brown leather boots with a leather guard attachment to them that protects the rest of his leg. 

Combat Attire: Same


History: Evi's past is an interesting one to say the least. Evi was born to the small noble family of Elwood in Sanctuary and lived his life fairly secluded from the rest of the village as the Marquis's son, in a small estate atop a hill overlooking the town. There, he spent his days studying with the only contact he had being with the houses few servants, tutors and occasionally his father, who was always busy working. His mother died during childbirth. 

To pass the time, Evi started to build a garden in the courtyard in the center of the estate and filled it with whatever plants the servants and guards could bring him, using allowance money to pay for it all. He spent this time with a pet cat and pet dog, who were his only friends growing up. He would spend time petting his cat, Rickert, while he was studying books and magic that caught his interest and he'd be with his dog Fido in the garden.

For some reason, all of Evi's tutors growing up were women, and all of them incredibly strict. If he got a question wrong or slacked off, the latter of which was a regular thing, they would hit him with their stick. This is probably where Evi's fear of women started, since he never had contact with any other women.

One day however, he was kidnapped for ransom at the age of 13. The culprits tied him and gagged him and fled to the enchanted forest after pursuers pushed them into a corner. The pursuers continued to run, hoping to get out on another end of the forest however this would not last, with everyone in the party outside of the kidnapped Evi being shot down by Centaurian archers, by luck alone he was only hit in the arm.

Now Evi wasn't a hostage of human bandits but he was a hostage of Centaurs, and from his knowledge from his tutors and some books, he was probably dead. The Gag in his mouth was removed and he was ordered to explain why he was here with a spear to his neck by a female centaur warrior. After Evi frantically stammered through a pitiful crying face that he was kidnapped and that the now dead bandits fled into the forest to escape pursuers, he just wanted to go home. Afterwards the centaurs argued over each other of Evi's fate away from his ears before it was decided that someone would take him to the edge of the forest and release him there. Evi still doesn't know why he was let go only that he was returned to the edge of the forest, where guards later found him and he explained what had happened and that he was saved by the centaur people. On the way to the edge of the forest however, Evi looked around the forest in awe at its beauty, his fascination with nature showing, only to be told to be silent if he started to utter his love of the beauty of the forest, unable to finish his sentence and express his sentiments.

After going through that particular ordeal. Evi started to earnestly study magic and to a lesser extent, swordplay, in order to get proficient enough to defend himself. He also had a new goal in mind, he wanted to visit the enchanted forest again and view the beauty that was within, and view the entire world rather than just hide in his little garden. The small space he had was no longer sufficient. But to do that he needed to defend himself. Now that he was studying in earnest, tutors saw a stark difference in his learning speed. Rather than taking two or three years to learn basic concepts, he was taking two or three hours to understand it, sometimes minutes. Just the matter of caring about the topic created this much difference in Evi's understanding and by age 16 he was already a proficient enough user of magic that his tutors passed him and went to their next student.

At age 17, after constant arguing with his father over succession of his title, something Evi didn't care for, the Elwood family sent him off to Tartaros, and Evi's younger brother took over as heir to the marquis. Word of his genius, particularly when it amounts to biology had spread, and Evi got offers to do work on magical beasts. Nowadays, Evi uses a small building just outside as a research facility for plants and animals, and gets a sufficient amount of funds to do so by Tartaros. Occasionally Evi will leave the castle to do field work and study the plant life around the gates of Ozulon, the drake farm, and the grand marsh. This is the life Evi has built for himself as a man who studies to understand life.

Personality: Evi is a quiet and shy character. Despite his gender, Evi seems to personify many qualities of a the opposite. He is submissive, quiet, and weak. Evi shows behavior similar to a shut-in in most circumstances, avoiding social interaction and minimizing it altogether.

From a social perspective, it is safe to assume that Evi is a novice. Evi rarely talked with people outside of a select few and doesn't know how to approach strangers and people in general. This stems from a secluded lifestyle an initial disinterest in other people and a strong interest in nature and life, causing him to disregard society and anything it had to offer.  When addressing people he is normally quiet and prefers to simply listen and observe, avoiding a circumstance where he gives his own thoughts and inputs on a situation. Overall, Evi would much rather stay at home or in his laboratory and do research or absorb himself in field work, watching nature and learning from it. When he's actually talking to people his approach tends to vary from person to person. When talking to men, he tends to be extremely blunt and short spoken, preferring to get to the point and deal with it, making him come across as rude. When talking to women, especially women he finds attractive, he gets flustered really easy, stammering his words and has difficulty articulating his thoughts, or even having a single coherent thought at all to begin with. Children and women he finds repulsive tend to get the same behavior he gives to men.

Despite this lack of understanding towards his own kind, and what he calls the artificial ecosystem known as society, Evi can be considered an observational genius. If Evi witnesses something, he can quickly hypothesize why the phenomena that occurred had occurred in the first place and why it occurred in that way. If Evi's curiosity is piqued, he'll immediately start devising tests to prove or disprove his hypothesis. This has allowed him to gain an understanding of the world around him, and life in general, which is his field of study, that is vastly beyond the years of a twenty three year old individual. However if his curiosity doesn't receive that initial spark, Evi never goes past the hypothesis phase of the scientific method.

-Biology: From Botany to Zoology to Mycology, if it has something to do with life and existence, Evi has studied it and grows ever proficient in all fields of Biology, especially Macrobiology.

-Nature: Nature is a beauty no woman could ever achieve in this life time. That is the thought this perverted 23 year old loser has thought every time he gets a chance to observe it in all its glory and its cruelty.

-Abnormalities:What isn't normal behavior is typically an unknown. Unknown's require research to understand the phenomena. Abnormalities are worth putting time and effort into solving.

-Quiet: To much noise can disrupt a basic thought process. Don't make so much noise. Evi is thinking.

-Boobs: Evi has a love hate relationship with boobs. On one hand his gynophobia cause him to avoid them due to not knowing how to approach the situation. One the other hand, his male instincts keep his eyes locked on them and tries to urge him in their general direction.

-People: Evi doesn't like talking to others and rarely interacts with people unless he absolutely has to, even then its typically done with an immediate desire to end the conversation and settle whatever matter needs to be settled quickly.

-Society: Society has unnecessary complexities that make it broken as a whole and a foolish endeavor to under go the effort of starting and sustaining. One little problem and the entirety of its populace goes into a frenzy.

-His name: Evi dislikes his name due to its femininity. He always refers to himself as E and never gives people his actual name or full name.

-Books: It's perhaps a disservice to say Mr. Elwood dislikes books. Evi just doesn't like reading about random things. Unless he's doing research on something he won't take the effort to read anything on the subject.

-Fire: Fire damages his flowers and nature as a whole. Thus he tends to avoid using fire whenever possible, only using it when survival demands its use.

-Women: He has a strong case of gynophobia. It would seem as though he's like a preteen around women, especially if he finds them attractive, and becomes unable to approach or talk to them. This is mostly due to lack of exposure, since he's been a fairly shut in character for the majority of his existence, and his only interaction with women were with aggressive tutors who'd hit him if he messed up.

-Ocean: Evi can not swim and tends to avoid the Ocean or large/deep bodies of water.

-Crowds: To many people makes a shut in freak out and go into a panic.

-Truth: As a scholarly man, knowledge is his forte and he makes any move to obtain more knowledge and seek the truth behind all things.

-Women: Overcoming his gynophobia and being capable of acting on his impulses is a goal of Evi's. Overcoming ones fears is always a good goal to have and every man seeks a grand pair of zeros as a part of the grand mission that is life.

-Field work: Evi much prefers to observe things in their natural environment than read about things at home, despite almost never leaving home.

-Enchanted forest: Evi seeks to return to the enchanted forest and study the plant life of which may be unknown to humankind.

-Life: Evi seeks to understand how life works and how individual species interact in nature.

Combat Profile

Preferred Weapon: short Sword
Secondary Weapon(s):
•Magic staff
•Magic tomes

Equipment Proficiency: Level 1
Magic Level: Level 1 
Natural Ability: N/A

Natural Passive: N/A

Natural Power: N/A

Strength: 3
Perception: 6
Control: 9
Speed: 5
Agility: 6
Reaction Time: 7
Endurance: 4


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Re: Evi Elwood Character App Split

Post by Evi Elwood on Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:03 am

finished with the new charrie. The name may be the same but most everything is different. so I'd reread everything to make sure I didn't foq up.
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Re: Evi Elwood Character App Split

Post by Game Master on Mon Dec 11, 2017 2:56 pm

Basics: Seems legit.
Appearance: Seems legit.
History: Seems legit.
Personality: Seems odd that a cutthroat would dislike violence, but it should be interesting to see put into practice.
Magic Level: This costs 1,550DP; but you have a maximum of 1,030 to use. If you go with Lv. 4 magic it will cost 750DP.
Equipment Proficiency: 50DP will be deducted
Weapons: Looks good
Natural Ability: I advise adding in "His stats can be altered by these forms, but will always remain at a total of 40 (+1 per rank) while unbuffed." I would also like to mention that this can be your Natural Passive if you wanted it to be. Swapping it to that would let you use a different ability in case you wanted an activation based one- but it's not a mandatory swap.
Natural Passive: You sure you don't want one of these?
Natural Power: ^Same as above^
Stats: Total = 40, Good
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Evi Elwood Character App Split

Post by Evi Elwood on Mon Dec 11, 2017 8:42 pm

Edits are made and yes I'm sure I do not want the passive and active right now.
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Re: Evi Elwood Character App Split

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