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Oh, I know very well how the secrets beckon so sweetly.

Race: Alacasian.
Class: Cerberus.
Gender: Female.
Age: Twenty.
Guild: None.

Physical Appearance

Height: Five foot six. (5'6'' ft)
Weight: One forty four. (144 lb.)
Eye Color: Purple.
Hair Color: Black.
Hair Length: Long.
Skin Color: Fair.

Special Looks: Zalera has long black hair tied into one tail on the left side along with eyes that droop, giving her a gentle aura. Always carries a purple rose in between her locks of hair on the left side. Also a cute beauty mark lies underneath the corner of her left eye.

Normal Attire: She wears a black dress that exposes her cleavage, abdomen, and shoulders. The dress itself has openings between her outer thighs for better range of motion, which exposes her brown leggings and black short heels. Her arms are covered in the same material as her dress with purple feathers surrounding the base of the sleeves that reach the palmar of the hands. A large dull black cape also wraps her attire with purple feathers encasing the collar of the cape whilst inside the cape a crimson shade to contrast the colors well.

Combat Attire: Does not change.


Being born was quite the journey not many would consider when thinking about conception. A few decades ago, before the birth of Zalera, lived a young girl who much like Zalera sought an escape from the tribunal ways of her village which dwelled in the wilderness. At some point in the seventh summer she'd ever seen of her dull life she decided to venture out near the village's borders. Our young girl found herself being enticed and drawn to a mysterious man whom she managed to bump into. Eventually the man promised her salvation through what he considered quite an ultimatum for the young girl, who beseeched him for his folly lies time and time again. Before long he had her under his spell, figuratively. The young girl eventually flew too close to the sun one evening and appeared before the man in undisclosed area of the forest with some followers. They chanted religiously throughout the night, having brought food and wine to accompany their sullied chants. The young girl knew no better as what she thought was her salvation only was beginning to take a dark turn.

The mysterious man raised his hand into the heavens under the pale moon as the chanting reached its crescendo, illumination was brought down onto him and in a moment it was utter silence. The young girl seeks for everyone but none was in her sight! That is, until she looked down as her pale feet felt something warm yet dry. The stench of iron filled the air as her face was horrified by the the dark crimson liquid beneath her feet. The mysterious man appeared once more behind the woman who now resembled more paler like a corpse and carrying matching stains of the dark liquid upon lips and hands. He ravaged the young girl into his carnal desires, she couldn't fight back for a portion of his dominance until the moment of his relief. That's when she struck with a broken ceramic piece of plate from the ground! It was sharp enough to cut deep into the man's throat. She did not stop until there was no longer an attachment. Since that day, the young girl never once question the sanctuary of her village. In nine months was a young female born from the same young girl.

Our story begins with the child almost getting thrown into the riverbanks. The child reminded the young girl- now a woman- of HIM. Her light pale skin, her purple illumines eyes; it was a monster. The mother of this woman knew eventually it would come to this, and so she saved the child with the help of a few villagers as true punishment for the woman and all other woman as a reminder of what lurks outside beyond the village: Lies, betrayal, and deception.




• Losing freedom entirely, forced to wallow in the subjugation of others.
• Afraid of isolation or neglect from an inner circle of peers.
• Betrayal or a broken deep trust.

• Becoming wiser, faster, and stronger in both aspects of physique and mentality.
• Seeing new discoveries, learning the unknown; while being unbridled.
• Obtaining the next meal to survive, and how to cope with oneself among peers vigilantly.


Combat Profile

Preferred Weapon: Daggers / Knives
Secondary Weapon(s):
• Swords
• Bows / Arrows
• Crossbows / Bolts

Equipment Proficiency:
Magic Level:
Natural Ability:
Natural Passive:
Natural Power:

Reaction Time:


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