Elyane's Combat Registry

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Elyane's Combat Registry

Post by AccidentalExplosions on Sat Dec 16, 2017 5:33 am


Equipment 1: Heartstring Fireworks

Equipment Name: Heartstring Fireworks
Classification: Weapon
Holding: Two Handed
Level: 1
Description: The Heartstring Fireworks, a special crossbow made from the remnants of the Scar. With an slick oil black color with engravings on the side, it may not be dwarven technology but it certainly is a masterpiece for the place it was made.
Inside the barrel are special funnels that lead to the flight groove that gathers fairy dust that Elyane makes. Before shooting, fairy dust would gather nicely in the flight groove, excess is stored in the side that creates a circulation to the flight groove through the engravings.
When triggered, a special ball charged with the fairy heart inside is released to push the fairy dust into a concentrated funnel, and the fairy dust then fires from there in the form of the a crossbow bolt and causes a big indigo explosion on whatever it hits.

It has a second form however, a lyre. Thanks to the fairy heart inside, the lyre now has magic inside and serves as the medium for Elyane’s magic. As a lyre it retains its glossy black but looks like a beautiful shell of a beetle rather than oil. The engravings remained the same as well, however with a fairy engraving at the base.

Ability Name: Fireworks Parade
Type: Offense
Element: Non Elemental
Usage: Active, costs 25 mana, must be in Crossbow form
Description: Creates bigger explosions that are clusters.
Effect: Not many know this but charging a fairy heart with mana increases its power and thus creating strong effects. Due to the nature of fairies, a fairy's mana charging a fairy hearts leadd to very fun moments. Elyane charges mana into her weapon and the next shot fired creates a bigger explosion and is followed up with a cluster explosion of a smaller scale around it.

Ability Name: Elder Fairy Choir
Type: Support
Element: Nature
Usage: Passive, Must be in Lyre form
Description: Playing the lyre for a certain amount of time does something magical.
Effect: In order to activate the Elder Fairy Choir, Elyane must dedicate all three actions in her post to playing the lyre. When that is accomplished, a choir of spirit elder fairies appears behind Elyane and begins singing. Songs from Elyane’s magic gain an additional effect while being played on the lyre, each song their own special effect (which will be in Combat Registry) but however increases spell cost by 25%

Ability Name: Shift Form
Usage:A simple form shift, unlimited uses
Description: Elyane changes the form of Heartstring Fireworks at will magically without costing significant amounts of mana to change how much she has.

Equipment 2: Ironleaf Clothes

Equipment Name: Ironleaf Clothes
Classification: Armor
Holding: Armor Coverage
Level: 1
Description: The Ironleaf Clothes are azure green clothes made from the namesake, Ironleaf. Ironleaf can be found in forested areas throughout Ozulon, but are prominently found it tough regions. The leaves, even though as strong as iron, are flexible and lightweight like leaves. Due to their toughness however, weaving iron leaf into weapons and armor makes it hard as unlike iron where you can simply cast, iron leaf still burns under strong fire like regular leaves. As such most ironleaf armor and weapons tend to be large pieces of leaves clump together to form the shape of clothes, and then held together with special string. A popular clothing choices for fairies too as it provides physical protection.

In Elyane’s case, iron leaf makes up her boots, her tunic, her vest, her skirt and her cloak.
However it has no abilities.

Equipment 3: Nil

Equipment 4: Nil

Equipment 5: Nil

Magic: Level 3

Levyathan's Song:
Spell Name:Levyathan's Song
Spell Type: Defensive
Spell Level: 1
Element: Water
Description: A magical pool of water.
Effect: The ground caves in below her and a spring appears that glows and sparkles that spans a 10 meter radius. The spring provides nourish to plants nearby and prevents the plants from being burnt. Elyane herself is the center and the pool does not move with her. Nourished plants defend better and require a weapon strong enough to cleave stone to harm it. Note lava still can burn the plants. Elyane must dedicate 1 of her actions to singing and playing the song.

If Elder Fairy Choir is active, the spring lingers for the next two spells Elyane casts. If not the spring will drain when Elyane stops singing the song.

Ignis's Battaglia:
Spell Name: Ignis's Battaglia
Spell Type: Offensive
Spell Level: 2
Element: Fire
Description: Fire Flowers
Effect: Flowers of orange sprout from the stalk of the plants that protect her and bloom, before shooting a lazer made of fire at one. Lazer ranges 30 meters and are a meter wide like the flower. Fire deals a small amount of damage but at a rapid pace. Does not burn through armor. Elyane needs to dedicate at least 2 of her actions to it. You can chop the fire flowers off.

If Elder Fairy Choir is active, the flowers explodes upon being chopped off.

Duir's Ballad:
Spell Name: Duir's Ballad
Spell Type: Offensove
Spell Level: 1
Element: Nature
Description: Bombs away
Effect: By dedicating 2 actions, Elyane spawns small bombs that resemble peanuts beneath her feet when she runs. The bombs can explode at anytime and don't do that much damage but are enough to blow up cracked walls.

Elder Fairy Choir if active, will spawn flash bombs that look like walnuts and explode beneath her among the small bombs.

Aura's Aria:
Spell Name: Aura's Aria
Spell Type: Support
Spell Level: 1
Element: Wind
Description: The song of double jump
Effect: By dedicating an action to this song, Elyane can double jump using the power of Duir's command over nature and stuff. Only needs 1 of her actions to do it. In the air she has complete control over her momentum and her next jump so she basically has a lot of air maneuverability without flying.

When Elder Fairy Choir is active, the song now able to give Elyane multiple jumps but need to dedicate the next two actions to it if done so.

Character Abilities

Ability Name: The Whipping Willow
Ability Type: Defensive
Ability Level: 1
Related Stat: Agility
Description: The willow is weak but it binds with great purpose
Effect: The Willow Whip appears in Elyane's hand as a wooden handle, with green glowing willow stalks. While they do not actually deal damage, the whip can control certain properties of the whip, mainly the length, stiffness and action, making it an excellent disarming tool or grappling hook. The leaves itself can detach and a new one with just grow in it's place so she can tie you up and leave you there.


If she ever gets one:

Skin/Fur Color:
Eye Color:
Special Characteristics:

Reaction Time:

Equipment Name:

Ability Name:

Ability Name:
Type: Active

Ability Name:
Type: Passive


Arcanist: 0
Blacksmith - Armour: 0
Blacksmith - Weapons: 0
Chef: 0
Craftsman: 0
Fletcher: 0
Herbalist: 0
Magic Item Crafter: 0
Scribe: 0
Spiritualist: 0
Tailor: 1


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Re: Elyane's Combat Registry

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