Herb Collecting[Job/Private]

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Herb Collecting[Job/Private]

Post by AccidentalExplosions on Tue Dec 19, 2017 11:02 am

...Come now bloom!...

Elyane decided that once in a while it was good for her to step out the guild and do a bit of the Solar Phoenix's work while she was at it. However she never was part of the guild but she gladly took this mission anyway. So all she had to do was collect a herb that had medicinal properties the functions around the Misty Village could use in a large quantity so they can at least make the potions. Honestly Elyane questioned herself on why she even decided to get this close to humans.

Now begun the problem. As much as Elyane wanted to fly to bring the herbs, her human size makes flying rather hard, and the herbs need to arrive quickly. So there Elyane was, staring at a bush of said herb, but no way to properly bring it back to the village. It troubled Elyane for a bit, at least that was when it struck her. Elyane gathered a bunch and secretly sung quietly to them so they don't wilt away while she made her way back using her flight discreetly, who would ever think that a fairy was aiding them.

Elyane arrived with a fresh batch and of course, as promised, she gain what seems to be a swirling thick mix of a potion, the liquid stirring inside inside the glass container. And before the villagers could question how she did manage to deliver such fresh herbs, she leaves as quickly as possible and made herself tiny to prevent anyone from seeing her.

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