[Battle Crows] Rank 3 - Birds of a Feather

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[Battle Crows] Rank 3 - Birds of a Feather

Post by Game Master on Thu Dec 21, 2017 5:12 am

Name: Birds of a Feather
Rank: Grunt
Requirements for Lower Ranks: Must obtain approval to take from the Boss of the Battle Crows
Minimum Word Count: 3,500
Location: The Grand Marsh
EXP Gain: 750
Coin Gain: N/A
Item Reward: Cowl of the Crow
Synopsis: A rite of passage for recruits of the battle crows to become fully fledged members of the crows. There is a large Murder of crows that roam around the marsh and these crows are very protective of each other. Your goal is to pluck a feather from one of these crows without killing a single one. Should a single crow be provoked you will probably be mobbed by hundreds of crows and be forced to kill some, less you be killed. How you obtain the feather is of your own choosing you just may not kill a crow.

Enemies: Aligators, Afancs, Crow hoard.
Is it alright to make up my own enemies?: That is perfectly fine.
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