[Rank 1] Manhunt - Rogue Mage

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[Rank 1] Manhunt - Rogue Mage

Post by Relentless on Fri Dec 22, 2017 12:15 am

Name: Manhunt - Rogue Mage
Rank: Recruit
Requirements for Lower Ranks: N/A
Minimum Word Count: 750
Location: The Scar
EXP Gain: 25
Coin Gain: 0e
Item Reward: Enchantment Crystal - Enchants 1, Level 1 effect onto any item with available slots.
Some time ago a man broke out of Gladius's highest security "prison" (if you could even call it that...) along with several other inmates by means of using magic that up till that point, no one knew he had. The man suffers from hysteria- he sees and hears things that aren't there and is quite violent as a result. Like many deranged men, the mage ran off with the other escapees to The Scar to avoid justice. Originally the man's punishment for his crime of killing his daughter was going to be having to win 50 battles in the colosseum, but the city of Gladius has recently escalated his punishment to a death penalty without the right to a proper battle. Assassinate him, blow him up, tear his heart out- Gladius doesn't care so long as he dies.

Scouts from 'Beacon' have reported seeing the man crossing No Man's Land into The Scar a couple weeks ago with a large group of roughly twenty or so others. It's safe to say that the former prisoner has gathered followers as he traveled across Ozulon. Anticipate great resistance from multiple mages, spellswords, and spellbows as well as some non-magical fighters. Their leader seems to be an elemental mage, meaning he'll use spells from the 4 main elements. The amount of damage he caused to Gladius would suggest his magic rating is somewhere around level 7 but he's physically weak.

Enemies: Boss Wraith, Subordinates (Cerberus, Wraith, and Banshees), Non-magical subordinates, everything else in The Scar
Is it alright to make up my own enemies?: Yes

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