- Advertising Event #3

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- Advertising Event #3

Post by Game Master on Mon Jan 01, 2018 11:55 am


The above is the advertisement for our site. Anyone who would like to participate in this event can copy and paste it to any RP forum. Once you've done that, please post on this thread using the below template. At the end of the event on April 1st I'll hand out the rewards. The top advertiser will get a special reward.

1st Place: Tis a surprise ~.0
• 500e per advert
• 10EXP per advert
• 10 Development Points per advert
• +25% DP Gain after 25 Adverts
• +25% EXP Gain after 50 Adverts
• +50% Essence Gain after 75 Adverts
• All buffs listed above last 1 month

• Do not post on sites that don't have a Guest-Friendly advert section.
• Do not post on sites that others posted on.
• If you do post on a site someone else posted on, the one who posted first gets the reward for it.
• Title ALL advertisements as Magic Prodigy RP - Guest
• Do not post on porn sites.

Template for turning in sites:
Name: Put the name of the account you want the reward for
• Link to your advertisement...
• Link to your advertisement...
• Link to your advertisement...

Template for turning in sites:

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