Level Up Thread

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Level Up Thread

Post by Game Master on Mon Jan 01, 2018 12:21 pm

For those who have obtained enough experience to increase their level, congratulations! This thread is where you apply to have your level increased. For those unsure of how to level up, please refer to the Leveling Up rules to find out more information.

Use the below template if the rank you're going up to is Novice, Poltergeist, Wisp, Shadow, or Abomination. For these ranks, you won't need to unlock your Character Application unless you want to update it. Staff will apply the changes to your stats.
Character Application: [url=(Character Application Link)](Character's Name)[/url]
Stat Increased: Increase one (1) stat by one (1) point.

[b]Character Application[/b]: [url=][/url]
[b]Stat Increased[/b]:

And use the below template if the rank you're going up to is Grunt(3), Ghost(6), Hellraiser(9), or Destroyer(10). For this rank up, you'll undergo an In-Character trial that is mandatory. Your character application will be unlocked for you to make edits since, as character develop, the application will need to be updates. You can make changes to your Natural Passive, Power, and Ability at this time as well as edit your stats.

Character Application: [url=(Character Application Link)](Character's Name)[/url]
Goals Completed: What has your character accomplished towards their goals?
Next Accomplishment: What do you plan to accomplish next?
Development: How has your character developed as a person?
Trial: Do you have a specific plot in mind for a trial? If not, put 'Surprise Me' here.

[b]Character Application[/b]: [url=][/url]
[b]Goals Completed[/b]:
[b]Next Accomplishment[/b]:

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Re: Level Up Thread

Post by Relentless on Mon Jan 01, 2018 12:38 pm

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