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Blight Coldlight

Post by EllyFant on Thu Jan 04, 2018 5:33 am

Blight Coldlight

Race: Mar
Class: Banshee
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Guild: Battle Crows

Physical Appearance

Height: 4'5"
Weight: 87 lb
Eye Color: White
Hair Color: N/A
Hair Length: N/A
Skin Color: Most of his scales are an aqua tinge with violet highlights.
Special Looks: As a member of the Mar species, he looks like a fish.
Normal Attire: Being a Mar, Blight isn't exactly the prettiest humanoid to look at. His head is almost one third of his total size; fins protrude from the bottom, giving the appearance of a scaly beard. With a huge dorsal fin that begins at the top of the Mar's head and tapers into its lower back, clothing choices tend to be somewhat limited. Given his situation, clothing without a particular function tends to be reserved for Blight's lower body and even then, is limited to retain mobility. Outside of some kind of scale armor that tends to camouflage with his body the Mar usually wears a tunic crafted specifically for his body type. A cloak to protect from the elements and some kind of pack to carry valuable items also tend to to accompany him in every trip.
Combat Attire: Normal Attire


The abyss. The cold, haunting depths of the endless ocean that is The Land of a Thousand Lakes. This is where the story begins. Born somewhere in the endless tunnels that connect the countless lakes of the land. Blight was born in complete darkness and found himself forced to learn to adapt from an early age; knowing that failure meant death. His tribe, like the majority of Mar clans, was small, tightly knit and nomadic. Unlike the majority of his species however, this particular group specialized at hunting and living in the depths of the ocean; where they thrived especially well. In a place where food was scarce and adaptation meant the difference between life and death, they were kings, the ultimate survivors. Something that unbeknownst to him, would play an important role for the rest of the fish-man's life.

Because of their ability to sustain themselves so well deep out of reach from anyone it was rare for the Coldlight tribe to emerge even into shallow waters, let alone into land. Alas, as fate would have it, or perhaps on some twisted plan, it was on one of these rare expeditions to the surface that Blight found himself face to face with Tera, the goddess of earth. Needless to say, like most creatures, there was no way for the Mar to know this at the time, but he would soon enough.

The first meeting with the whimsical goddess was relatively simple, a simple game of hide and seek around the lakes. The fish-man would've thought nothing of entertaining the idea had it not been for the odd shape that the goddess had taken. A creature that the man had never seen or even heard of before was challenging him to a hunting game and giving him home field advantage. A small distraction had never hurt anyone, where the thoughts that crossed his mind as he accepted, after all his tribe knew the oceans better than anyone. No matter how small, there was no where this strange creature could hide.

It had been years. That small distraction haunted the Mar's visions for years. He searched every nook and cranny in and out of the waters and when he finally met the goddess again there was no one with as much knowledge of the Land of a Thousand Lakes as Blight had. Had this been her plan all along? He would never know, but now there was another game. Tera had invited her possibly unwilling, friends to play. There was promise of great treasure with one caveat; the stage was now the entire world. Ridiculous yes, but there was intrigue in his eyes. How ironic was it? It was the angler's turn to be charmed by the bait.

As the years passed, the fish-man gained much knowledge about the world as well as some very fancy treasures. Goods that he realized could be sold to collectors and other adventurers. Taking a liking to the idea, Blight took up the skills of a merchant; buying and selling nearly anything. Over time, he developed a trusted network while continuing his adventures. After all, there were still gods to be found and priceless treasures to be discovered.

Like the rest of his tribe, Blight Coldlight likes to find simplicity in all things. Perhaps a trait shared by most of the Mar species, considering their nomadic tendencies. Aside of the few things the man carries with him at all times, Blight cannot lay claim to any other possession. Living as what's basically a glorified vagrant, he has no need or use for a permanent home and whatever he does carry tends to be makeshift from whatever materials he can scavenge when needed. Living in this manner leads others to believe that Blight, as well as the rest of his tribe, lack the intellect shared by other races; or that they're savage at best. This misconception sometimes works to the fish-man's advantage, but a great many times tends to lead into some frustrating situations. Just because the Mar looks like some deep-sea monstrosity it doesn't mean he lacks 'proper' intellect. Anyone who believes that couldn't be further from the truth.

Blight is actually extremely cunning and dangerously observant, of course he's perfectly comfortable living under the facade of the 'stupid fish-man' if it helps his motives. Able to pinpoint details that others might take for granted, he is not one to be easily outwitted or deceived in general. Another trait the man shares with the rest of his tribe is the ability to survive in the wilderness; their nomadic lifestyle again playing a part in that. Unlike his tribesmen however, this particular Mar has traveled far and beyond the Land of a Thousand Lakes, making him an expert at traversing and surviving in a wide array of vastly different landscapes. Despite being a merchant, Blight is still a versatile and competent combatant; after all someone has to get all the fancy wares you find in shops.

While perhaps not the most adept at the whole 'heroic warrior' thing, the Mar is far from scared to get his hands dirty if it means finding an epic treasure. Dungeon crawling, traversing dangerous lands and even engaging in battle against ridiculous foes. As far as Blight is concerned those are just some of the skills required to be the greatest merchant the world has ever seen.

• Exploration. Ever since that first meeting with the goddess of earth, Blight has developed something of an addiction to exploring the land. More so than just the searching for the promised treasures that it implies. But that same search makes him see the landscape with newfound appreciation every time he's anywhere.
• The feeling of a good sale. More so, being able to sell something rare and unusual to someone who truly appreciates it.

• Betrayal. The ultimate no-no for many Mar, and for Blight it's no different. He is loyal to a fault and expects the same from those he does business with.
•Deserts. He can still work his way around them fine, but being something of a marine creature, he'd much rather prefer a more humid terrain.

• Betrayal. It's the reason, he dislikes large groups and chooses the people he works with very carefully.

• The sense of exploration. The hunt itself sometimes is its own reward and Blight has developed something of an addiction to it.
• Treasure. With her challenge, Tera presented the promise of priceless treasure. The Mar expects her to make good with that promise when the time comes.

• As of now, Blight's one driving force is to beat Tera's challenge and find every God that is to be hiding somewhere in the world.
• Become the most renown merchant in the world. The treasures promised by Tera should help with that.

Combat Profile

Preferred Weapon: Spear
Secondary Weapon(s):
• Blight is proficient enough with nearly all weapons. Comes with the territory as he says.
• crossbow
• sword

Equipment Proficiency: 1
Magic Level: 3
Natural Ability:Master Arcanist
Having invested much of his innate talent into creating things that were above and beyond that of any merchant, Blight can add one extra ability to items using his Arcanist skill (Normal Arcanist rules still apply). Also the cost for using the Arcanist ability is reduced by 10% + 1% per level.

Natural Passive: Sales Network
Has a Vendor's License. Non-player shops give a 10% discount + 1% per level. Items purchased with this discount cannot be traded to players.

Natural Power: Jack of all Trades
Blight starts with 1 additional artisan skill. Artisan skills have a 16% reduction in cost + 1% per level. Also, after completing a rank up trial, he can increase the level of his lowest artisan skill by one (choice if tied).

Strength: 5
Precision: 6
Control: 3
Speed: 7
Agility: 7
Reaction Time: 7
Endurance: 5

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Re: Blight Coldlight

Post by Relentless on Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:44 pm

Approved, I'm leaving these up here so others can know the "rules" on your abilities.
Natural Ability:
• Can have 1 put 1 extra enchantment on items, if an item is level 1, it can only hold level 1 enchantments- etc...
• 10% reduction in Arcanist Enchanting Cost that increases by 1% per character level. This discount is reduced by 1% for each level below the enchantment your Magic level is. If the enchantment is below your Magic level, the discount is not increased.

Natural Passive:
• 10% discount from shops not owned by players. Items purchased with this discount cannot be traded to other accounts. Items purchased for guilds also cannot have this discount applied. Purchasing Base Supplies and using them in crafting will still result in a crafted item that can be traded to other accounts.

Natural Power:
• Unlock 1 additional artisan skill, and all other skills have a 16% reduction in cost, increasing by 1% per player rank to a maximum of 25% at Destroyer Rank. This does not stack with other skill cost reductions, but rather, the larger one will completely override the smaller one.
• The best I can allow is after completing a rank up trial, your lowest artisan skill is increased by 1 level. If the lowest artisan skill is higher than your player level the skill will still be increased.

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