Blight's Equipment

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Blight's Equipment

Post by EllyFant on Wed Jan 10, 2018 4:51 pm

Equipment Name: Razor-Shell Spear
Classification: Weapon - Spear
Holding: 1 or 2 hand. Generally better control with 2.
Level: 1
Description: While it appears to be a crude, makeshift spear, the point is actually a well crafted, and very jagged conch shell. Something that is likely to cause a lot of damage if it pierces the target.

Ability Name: Vortex Charge
Type: Offense
Element: N/A
Usage: 10
Description: A quick attacking dash.
Effect: Blight charges forward with his spear outstretched, causing a razor spiral around himself that will damage anyone near by.

Ability Name: Harpoon
Type: Offense
Element: N/A
Usage: Unlimited, but will lose the spear after every use until it's retrieved.
Description: Throws the spear.
Effect: A simple, yet effective spear throw. This is a ranged attack.


Equipment Name: Stealthscale Armor
Classification: Armor
Holding: Body
Level: 1
Description: Relatively thin, this armor is made of fine scales set up in patterns that distort vision and make it difficult to focus on the wearer.

Ability Name: Camouflage Scales
Type: Support
Element: N/A
Usage: Passive
Description: Invisibility while wet.
Effect: When the scales of the armor become wet, they react, causing Blight to become nearly invisible. If not under a constant source of water, this effect will last for 1 post. If under the effect, Blight does anything that would reveal his location, he will become temporarily visible.

Ability Name: Silent Doom
Type: Support
Element: N/A
Usage: Passive
Description: Removes the need to chant spells.
Effect: Blight is able to use magic without chanting.

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