Blight's Combat Registry

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Blight's Combat Registry

Post by EllyFant on Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:16 pm


Equipment 1:

Equipment Name: Razor-Shell Spear
Classification: Weapon - Spear
Holding: 1 or 2 hand. Generally better control with 2.
Level: 1
Description: While it appears to be a crude, makeshift spear, the point is actually a well crafted, and very jagged conch shell. Something that is likely to cause a lot of damage if it pierces the target.

Ability Name: Vortex Charge
Type: Offense
Element: N/A
Usage: 10
Description: A quick attacking dash.
Effect: Blight charges forward with his spear outstretched, causing a razor spiral around himself that will damage anyone near by. The charge covers a number of meters equal to his Speed stat x 2.

Ability Name: Harpoon
Type: Offense
Element: N/A
Usage: Unlimited, but will lose the spear after every use until it's retrieved.
Description: Throws the spear.
Effect: A simple, yet effective spear throw. This is a ranged attack.

Equipment 2:

Equipment Name: Stealthscale Armor
Classification: Armor
Holding: Body
Level: 1
Description: Relatively thin, this armor is made of fine scales set up in patterns that distort vision and make it difficult to focus on the wearer.

Ability Name: Camouflage Scales
Type: Support
Element: N/A
Usage: Passive
Description: Invisibility while wet.
Effect: When the scales of the armor become wet, they react, causing Blight to become nearly invisible. If not under a constant source of water, this effect will last for 1 post. If under the effect, Blight does anything that would reveal his location, he will become temporarily visible.

Ability Name: Silent Doom
Type: Support
Element: N/A
Usage: Passive
Description: Removes the need to chant spells.
Effect: Blight is able to use magic without chanting.

Equipment 3:

Equipment 4:

Equipment 5:

Magic: Level 3

Spell Name: Angler Lure
Spell Type: Support
Spell Level: 1
Element: Light
Description: Distraction, Charm
Effect: Creates a small orb of bright light that floats in the air. Its main purpose is to distract potential enemies and so it's imbued with a bit of magic to charm people into following it.

Spell Name: Abyss Stream
Spell Type: Support
Spell Level: M Level
Element: Water
Description: Large area, causes sleep.
Effect: Creates a cloud of dark mist that causes anyone in it to fall asleep. The effect lasts for a number of posts equal to the level of this spell or until an action is taken that would wake up the target. (ie. being hit with an attack). The radius is 10 meters x the level of this spell.

Spell Name: Spiral Vortex
Spell Type: Offense
Spell Level: M Level
Element: Water
Description: Area of Effect.
Effect: Blight creates a whirlpool around himself or an object that spins at high speeds, continually damaging anything caught in it. The vortex has a radius equal to this spell's level and can be maintained for an equal number of posts as long as Blight remains focused on it.

Spell Name: Bubble Burst
Spell Type: Support
Spell Level: M Level
Element: Water
Description: An instant, high speed dash.
Effect: Blight engulfs himself in a jet of water, allowing him to instantly dash a number of meters equal to this spell's level for every point in Blight's speed stat.

Character Abilities

Ability Name: Well Connected
Ability Type: Support
Ability Level: 4
Related Stat: N/A
Description: Adds Influence
Effect: For every 1000 words Blight receives 1 point of influence. For every level after the first, the word count requirement is decreased by 50.


Skin/Fur Color:
Eye Color:
Special Characteristics:

Reaction Time:

Equipment Name:

Ability Name:

Ability Name:
Type: Active

Ability Name:
Type: Passive


Arcanist: 1
Blacksmith - Armour: 0
Blacksmith - Weapons: 0
Chef: 0
Craftsman: 0
Fletcher: 0
Herbalist: 1
Magic Item Crafter: 0
Scribe: 0
Spiritualist: 0
Tailor: 0


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Re: Blight's Combat Registry

Post by Relentless on Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:37 pm

Equipment 1: Seems legit
Equipment 2: Seems legit
Spell 1: Those with equal control as you would be able to resist a bit, those with more control would be unphased.
Spell 2: Those with equal control as you would be able to resist for 1 post before falling asleep, for each point of control they have over you they can resist for 2 extra posts (so 1 point higher is 3 post resist, 2 points higher is 5 resists, etc...).
Spell 3: Seems legit, but I'd also add in a suction effect where those with lower strength than your control (for 3 meters around the whirlpool) are sucked in.
Spell 4: Seems legit
Character Ability: 700DP removed for Lv.4 Ability
This is the one I have the greatest issue with since "Influence" is the most powerful currency on site and requires using the admin panel to edit. I'm going to decline this ability entirely since influence is gained for performing certain actions on-site, and occasionally for IC things. You won't find it too terribly hard to gain it so long as you post in new intros, and complete missions and achievements.
I'm also going to decline the use of flat numbers since at your level, you could spam jobs and rank up waaay fast if you wanted with the -200 words. HOWEVER I will allow a 2.5% reduction in word count per rank. If doing threads with a partner then the entire thread's WC is reduced, not just your own.
If you do go with the wordcount reduction, I'm going to have to keep that as the 1 and only effect of this ability since that's a very powerful ability.
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