II. Characters, Stats, Companions/Pets, Leveling Up

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II. Characters, Stats, Companions/Pets, Leveling Up

Post by Game Master on Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:46 pm

When creating your character, you will start with the following:
• 33 Stat Points, and 1 point permanently in each stat
• 1,000 Development Points
• 1 Character Ability
• 1 Level One Weapon + Armour based on your Class
• 5,000 Essence (currency)
• 1 Natural Ability, which may be passive or active
• 1 Natural Passive, which is always passive
• 1 Natural Power, which is always active
• 1 Level 1 Artisan skill of your choice

• Cerberus is the name given to those who fancy getting in close and bashing their opponents to death. Those who choose this class are given 1 Melee Weapon and 1 Melee armour upon creation. Cerberus have an invisible +1 to their Strength and Endurance that does not show up on the Character Application. In moments of desperation, but only once in a thread, they can enter a state where they feel no pain at all and even broken or completely shattered bones will work as if they were whole.

• Banshee is the name given to those who take up a ranged combat style. When created, you're given 1 Ranged weapon, 1 set of leather armour, and 1 combat knife. The ranged weapon must always be a ranged weapon. Banshee gain an invisible +1 to Precision and Reaction Time that doesn't show up on the Character Application. Once per thread they may induce a state where the world seems to slow down, all sounds are blocked out, their eyes and mind become extremely focused and their next attack is considerably more accurate, but isn't a 100% guaranteed hit.

• Wraith is the name given to mages, and mages are given a set of Arcane Robes and one magic weapon. Wraiths are given an invisible +2 to Control and -1 to Endurance that doesn't show up on the Character Application. Wraiths are able to cast spells without chanting, and their spells gain a passive +1 level boost when cast with a chant that consists of more than 25 words.

There are currently 11 Races for you to choose from, you can find them by clicking the word "Races" above.. Each race has it's own back story, and a bit of information about their culture. It also includes that races' home area, and a bit more information. Custom races and extinct races must be discussed with me (GM) before being used to ensure they don't break the site's lore.

The Fae
There's a special rule revolving Fae characters. At all times, even if you choose to have an Easy Mode thread, your thread can be entered by anyone and they can try to kill you and rip your valuable heart out. Fae hearts sell for 500,000 Essence each to the General Goods store, and cannot be bought from it. When making your Fae, keep that in mind.

Character Death
To 'borrow' this explanation from LH; there are two parts of your being. There's Anima, which is the physical aspect of your body. Then there's Ether, the non-physical aspect of your body. When you die, your Anima and Ether are extremely unwilling to part and will remain connected for 30 days. During that time, you may be resurrected by means of purchasing Sacred Phoenix Ashes from the General Goods store. Alternatively, you can have someone that's already in the thread who has a resurrection spell use it on you. After the 30 day period, you can still resurrect your character using Sacred Phoenix Ashes, but you'll lose some of your in-character memories (25% total EXP loss). If the EXP loss would put you under the EXP needed for your level, you will not lose the level.

Attacking a thread is the term used to shorten up 'entering a thread that you weren't originally in and trying to kill someone, or everyone in that thread without permission' and is the term I'll be using from here on. You may only attack 1 thread at a time. If it's found that you've attacked more than one, you'll be killed by the High King himself in both of them.
• When you kill another person's character, you gain 25% of their Essence.
• When you kill a Fae, you also gain their heart which has a ridiculously high value. A Fae may only lose its heart 1 time, but can be resurrected infinitely.

The Gods
Naturally there will be people who want to create plots with the gods. So to kill a few questions here:
• Demi-Gods are not a thing, the gods do not mate with mortals.
• There are no 'other' gods in existence, they died during the God Wars.
• The gods are not NPC's that you control, they're actually RP'd by someone.
• Any questions regarding the gods, or their actions can be directed to Game Master.
• Those who begin the God Quests will have an opportunity to meet the gods in person.
• The god you choose to follow does not need to affect the faction/guild you join unless you want it to.
• You can choose to be Godless, but you also accept that you have no benefits from doing so.

Being part of a guild gives access to Teams, and Guild Perks.
• Guild Perks are given to those who are in a guild, and meet certain requirements.
○ Guilds have access to Guild Missions
○ Guilds have access to their own Sub-Forums
○ Guilds have access to a Guild Weapons and Guild Armor.
○ Guilds have access to Supply Caches.
• Being in a guild and doing missions with other guild members reduces thread word count by 10%. This does not stack with other word count reducing effect and the stronger will override the weaker.
• You can be guildless, but by choosing this you accept that you do not have access to these perks.
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Re: II. Characters, Stats, Companions/Pets, Leveling Up

Post by Game Master on Sun Jan 14, 2018 12:38 am

While other sites use levels, and status points to gauge the power of each individual, this one uses something called "Sat Points(SP)" which allows for comparison of characters without unnecessary bragging because of absurdly higher numbers.

• When you start, your account has 33 SP that can be distributed to your stats at your leisure.
• Each level you're given +1 more SP to distribute.
• At level 10 you gain +1 more star after your Lv. 10 trial
• All stats have a minimum of 1 SP pre-assigned to them that cannot be removed, meaning that with the 33 you have to use as you please, you start with 40.
• All stats have a maximum of 10 SP that can be assigned to them, this is including the 1 SP that's pre-assigned.
• Buffs from outside sources such as passives and buffing spells can push you beyond the 10 maximum.

Stat Buffs
• Permanent Buffs to the 7 stats are restricted to Natural Ability and Passive effects.
• Permanent Buffs to other things effected by the stats (mana, duration, regeneration, etc...) are permitted.
• Temporary increases to your stats are capable of pushing your character over the 10 star limit.
• The level of spells effects the power of the buff.
• Buffs to stats are all done in multiples of 25%, and are equal to X% of 1 star. So those with 250% boost spells are boosting their stat by 2.5 stars.
• The above also applies to debuffs.

PvP Stats
First off, stats are not the be-all-end-all, final deciding factor in PvP. Stats are used for comparison purposes, letting you know where your opponent surpasses you and vice-versa. Additionally, some logic does apply to combat on site. For example, chain-mail is good at brushing off slashing attacks, but awful at stabbing attacks. Plate armor is good at taking stabbing and slashing attacks, but not so much at crushing attacks. Armour that's made of poor or thin material can be damaged horribly by weapons made of stronger material, or spells cast by powerful mages, and the examples can go on for days.

• Strength is your physical power, how strong your muscles are, how hard you can hit, and how much force you can resist. An example of these would be picking up a hammer and hitting someone with it, or stopping a solid block of ice from crushing you.

• Precision also known as Perception is how accurate you are with ranged attacks. It's a state that Banshee class uses most, and some Wraiths to a lesser extent. At the same time, this stat also helps with situational awareness. Those who invest in Precision are used to focusing and are better able to pick out visual abnormalities, but the other 4 senses are left up to the individual.

• Control is the individual's ability to control and resist magic. Control dictates how much mana you have, as well as how powerful individual spells are. Spells that cause sleep, paralysis, freezing, or other status effects have reduced power against those with higher control than the caster.

• Speed is how quickly your character can move in any given direction. It's especially important for those who use a rogue-type character. This stat also affects your ability to dodge attacks since it lets you speed up during dodges.

• Agility is how quickly your character can change direction while moving, and retain their speed while doing so. This stat also affects your ability to dodge attacks since it deals with lateral movement.

• Reaction Time is your character's ability to notice an incoming attack and begin moving to react to it, like catching a ball or an arrow. It's also the 3rd factor in dodging attacks.

• Endurance is your ability to take hits, both magical and physical. It also affects your ability to withstand effects that send you flying, and certain types of spells.
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Re: II. Characters, Stats, Companions/Pets, Leveling Up

Post by Game Master on Sun Jan 14, 2018 4:06 am

While most places call them 'Pets,' here in Ozulon we call them Companions. The reason being is that the word 'pet' implies that the creature being called that isn't sentient, or is incapable of higher thought. However, many times individuals would take in a member of the same or an alternate race. They'd fight alongside them, eat at the same table, win together, lose together, and grow together just as a master and their pet. To call them a pet would be insulting, so we call them companions.
• Companions cannot be Gods or Demigods.
• Companions must be small enough to fit through a door frame with relative ease. You may give the companion an ability that lets it grow in size.
• You may have unlimited Non-Combat Companions. These are companions that have no abilities at all, cannot fight at all, and do not aid in combat in any way, shape, or form.
• You may have 1 Combat Companion.
• You may use a Character Ability slot to increase your maximum companion slots by +1, but no higher. Multiples of these will not increase the maximum further.
• You may not use an Equipment, or Companion ability to increase your maximum Companion count.
• You may only have 1 combat companion out at a time.

• There are two ways to acquire a companion; By having the companion as part of your character history, or by going through the Beast Tamer skill.
• Companions obtained through Character History are always Common, and Level 1.
• Companions obtained through a Beast Tamer can start at any level (more info below).
• Below is the Word Count requirement for obtaining a pet for the corresponding level.
• The below doesn't need to be all in one thread, but rather, can be spread out across multiple threads. If done like this, the desired Companion cannot assist in combat for that period.


• Companions are leveled up with Development Points.
• Higher grade companions require more DP to level up.
• There are 3 grades of Companion:
○ Common: Used to define Companions that require little effort to come by.
○ Elite: Companions that are quite powerful and harder to obtain.
○ Divine: Companions that are given to mortals by the gods as a gift for past deeds.
• The below chart displays the amount of Development Points it takes to level up the companion. As it could be expected, the stronger your companion already is, the harder it'll be to make it stronger. Higher grade companions are even harder to level up than lower grade ones.
• Common companions start with 35 stat points, this is including the 1 pre-assigned point to each stat.
• Elite and Divine companions begin with 40 stat points, this is including the 1 pre-assigned point to each stat.
• You must purchase each level individually, not pay the difference between them. As an example, a level 4 Common Pet would require a total of 1,400 Development Points.

Development Points to Level Up

Differences in Grade

Stat Points
Per Level
Abilities1 Passive
1 Active
1 Passive
1 Active
2 Custom
1 Passive
1 Active
4 Custom
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Re: II. Characters, Stats, Companions/Pets, Leveling Up

Post by Game Master on Sun Jan 14, 2018 4:20 am

As you know; there's a Good side known as Tartaros, a Bad side known as The Gauntlet, and people who stand in the middle. Both sides identify using the exact same ranking system since it's easier to work with. Teaching your underlings their ranks also teaches their enemy's rank. Knowing this, they'll be able to identify which enemy is a high ranking official or a low ranking peon. The reason this is important is that 'Recruits' make for horrible hostages, but a 'Destroyer' can be ransomed for equipment, supplies, or other people who can be turned into slaves. There are a total of 10 ranks. Below they're listed in order from lowest to highest. They were originally very official; things like Corporal, Sergeant, General, and all that good stuff. A change was made when magic got mixed in with standard combat, and citizens of destroyed cities began referring to the soldiers by their level of threat.


Leveling Up
Many sites use Experience Points (EXP) to level a character up. On those sites, you're required to do so much of a task to gain a set of experience, and once you've accumulated enough of it you can hit the next level. Other sites gauge level ups based on how your character has developed as a whole. Characters that have a main goal of getting stronger to achieve a goal would level up by making advancements in their power, or defeating stronger and stronger enemies after getting a beat down by them. Characters that have a main goal of developing their personality, gaining life experience, and becoming better people as a whole would level up by doing just that. The level up system here on Magic Prodigy is a hybrid of the two. At specific level, you may simply claim the level by having a set amount of EXP, but every 3rd level as well as the 10th, you'll be required to undergo a trial. You also gain an extra Character Ability every 3rd level, and 1 SP to use every level. The Total Experience required for each level is as follows:

RankEXP to Obtain

Gaining EXP
As you can see from the chart above, the total EXP required per level becomes astronomical as you increase in power. This is because as you become more and more powerful, you need to push yourself farther and farther to make your body realize it needs to strengthen itself. If you continuously do the same weak missions you always have done, or put little-to-no effort in performing your missions then you'll develop slowly. Having a fight against an opponent you kill instantly is a walk in the park obviously, there's no need for your body to evolve to be stronger. But a fight against an opponent two or even three times your power, that's dominating you every step of the way, and making you pull out tricks you previously thought were beneath you... that fight will make you grow powerful if you survive. So what methods are there to gaining this 'oh so elusive' exp?

are the best method to gain EXP. They grant a base amount of EXP that varies depending on the level, and difficulty of the mission. This base amount is relatively low, but as mentioned, it's a base amount. At the end of missions, you're given a rating: White, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond.
• White rating applies a +0% multiplier and is awarded to those who create lackluster threads that are a chore to read.
• Bronze rating applies a +10% multiplier and is awarded to those who go above the required word count by a certain amount, but don't really do much more in the means of making the thread stand out.
• Silver rating gives +20% EXP, and is for those who try to make an interesting thread. They go over the minimum word count, have details that are okay- not amazing but good enough to not leave a mess of questions unanswered.
• Gold means that you did an amazing thread. It's a thread with nearly no bland parts, the word count exceeded the requirements, the words you used were powerful enough to leave an impression and because of that you gain +30% EXP.
• Platinum is for threads that are escalated to myself for review as the grading mod was trying to get you approved for Diamond. A mod trying to get you approved for Diamond doesn't mean I'll instantly give you platinum since Platinum is a short way of saying 'It's pretty damn good, but not good enough for diamond.' This rating gives you +50% EXP.
• Diamond is for threads that are nearly flawless, and almost no one will be able to get this rating. This is the only rating where Grammar, Spelling, and Vocabulary actually are considered. The only way to get Diamond rating is for a Thread Moderator to read your thread, and decide that it's so amazing that it should get more than Gold. The mod then has me (GM) read it over, and I make the final verdict. Getting this awards an elite achievement the first time, and double EXP every time you get it.
○ Concerns about quality based grading are acknowledged. I understand bias, and elitism are both very real issues in our society. Our staff on site are expected to do the tasks they've volunteered to do with professionalism, and I trust them to make these calls. I have very strict rules about respecting the community, and the staff are obligated to provide constructive, non-asshole feedback on why they gave the rating they gave if asked for it. Grammar, and Spelling do not count towards White, Silver, or Gold ratings. Vocabulary counts towards Gold rating, but isn't a deal breaker in most cases. For Bronze, Silver, or Gold- having a good enough thread is the only factor that is critical.
○ Performing missions 1 level above your own requires a 3 man team, or 1 person who meets/exceeds the level requirement.
○ Performing missions 2 levels above your own requires a 5 man team, period.
○ You cannot perform missions 3+ levels above your own.
○ Below is a chart with the base EXP for missions.

Mission LevelEXP Awarded

is an item purchasable through the General Goods store that increases your EXP gain by 25% for 1 month. This item is activated from the moment you purchase it, and the time can be tracked on your character profile under your 'Booster Log.' Once purchased, it cannot be refunded and the EXP gain is only valid for threads you started 3 days before the purchase, and turn in during the 30 days of activation. The 30 days can be extended to 31 if you bought the item on the 1st day of a month with 31 days in it.

is an item purchasable through the Influence shop that increases your EXP gain by 50% for 1 month. This overrides the Exp Accumulators' enhancement and follows the same rules as the accumulator.

can be purchased from the Influence shop and increases your EXP by a fixed amount depending on the package.

award more EXP than quests, but this is dependent on your in-character actions, as well as your posting frequency. The threads are also graded for quality, and a bonus can be applied like this.

have the potential to aware EXP, but this must first be approved by a site Admin, Relentless, or myself. The EXP awarded at the end of the thread must be approved by the same person who approved the thread (for consistency reasons), and the thread must be graded by a mod/admin (or group if there's too many people).

are done when you and one (1) other person square up and start training together. The thread must be true training, as the EXP given is at the discretion of the grading moderator. If it's found that mod gave you an absurd amount of EXP for seemingly no reason, the thread will be regraded by myself and your EXP will be changed accordingly.

can be turned in by a moderator for EXP. These are socials that are exceptionally well done, and the grading mod has decided it's deserving of EXP. These threads are either graded by myself, Relentless, or an Admin.

Getting Your Level
Once you have the correct amount of EXP, you may claim your level up by copying the template on the first post on this thread and pasting it into a reply. A member of staff will look over the application and approve it. There is a different template used at specific levels that are specified on the above mentioned thread.

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Re: II. Characters, Stats, Companions/Pets, Leveling Up

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