Quest Creation Template, Rewards, and Requirements

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Quest Creation Template, Rewards, and Requirements

Post by Game Master on Fri Aug 12, 2016 5:34 pm

Name: What's the name of the quest? *
Rank: What's the rank of the quest? *
Requirements for Lower Ranks: Requirements for those below the rank of the quest? (If the quest is above 'Trainee' rank this is a required field, HOWEVER if the quest cannot be taken by those of lower rank then put N/A)
Minimum Word Count: How many words are required to finish this quest at the bare minimum? *
Location: Where is this quest being done? *
EXP Gain: What's the base EXP gain for this quest? (put N/A if no EXP is gained through completion.)
Coin Gain: What's the base coin gain for this quest? (put N/A if no coin is rewarded.)
Item Reward: What items does this quest award? (put N/A if none are rewarded.)
Synopsis: What are the details of this quest? What is the story to be told? *

The below are only applicable if enemies are present on the quest.
Enemies: List off all enemies in the job.
Is it alright to make up my own enemies?: (Yes or No? If left blank the default answer is "Yes")

Template Code:

[b]Requirements for Lower Ranks[/b]:
[b]Minimum Word Count[/b]:
[b]EXP Gain[/b]:
[b]Coin Gain[/b]:
[b]Item Reward[/b]:

[b]Is it alright to make up my own enemies?[/b]:

Typical Rewards:
The below values are for quests that satisfy the bare minimum requirements. Rewards can be increased for higher WC quests, higher requirements, harder to beat enemies, or quests that are by nature harder in that they challenge the writer's ability to write a cohesive and fun story.
Recruit: 500e
Novice: 2,000e
Grunt: 4,000e
Poltergeist: 8,000e
Wisp: 12,000e
Ghost: 16,000e
Shadow: 20,000e
Abomination: 25,000e
Hellraiser: 50,000e
Destroyer: 150,000e
God/Goddess: 250,000e

Minimum Requirements:
• Unless stated otherwise, quests may contain no combat at all, and be purely story based.
• If the quest is Novice Rank or higher, you must include what the requirements for a lower rank are. Know that these requirements are added to the site's requirements (such as a specific stat rating, specific EXP count, specific race, specific quest completion, etc..)
• If lower ranks cannot undertake the quest at all, specify it.
• Performing missions 1 level above your own requires a 3 man team, or 1 person who meets/exceeds the level requirement.
• Performing missions 2 levels above your own requires a 5 man team, period.
• You cannot perform missions 3+ levels above your own.

Typical word count:
Recruit: 250
Novice: 500
Grunt: 1,000
Poltergeist: 2,000
Wisp: 4,000
Ghost: 7,000
Shadow: 10,000
Abomination: 13,000
Hellraiser: 16,000
Destroyer: 25,000
God/Goddess: 35,000

Typical EXP rewards:
Mission LevelEXP Awarded
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