Quest Completion Thread

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Quest Completion Thread

Post by Game Master on Sat Aug 13, 2016 4:46 am

Name of all involved: Usernames only please
Quest Name: What is the name of the quest you're turning in?
Player's Guilds: What guilds are which players in?
Direct Link to the Original Quest: Link to the quest that you took.
Direct Link to approval to take the Quest: Link to your post on the quest acquisition thread.
Direct Link to the completed Quest: Link to your completed thread.
Special Notes: Special notes such as people foregoing EXP, using special boosters for something, or anything else that's out of the norm for quests.

[b]Name of all involved[/b]:
[b]Quest Name[/b]:
[b]Player's Guilds[/b]:
[b]Direct Link to the Original Quest[/b]:
[b]Direct Link to approval to take the Quest[/b]:
[b]Direct Link to the completed Quest[/b]:
[b]Special Notes[/b]:
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