Rank 1 - The Frozen Chapel [FCG Series 1/11]

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Rank 1 - The Frozen Chapel [FCG Series 1/11]

Post by Relentless on Sun Aug 14, 2016 11:49 pm

Name: The Frozen Chapel
Rank: Trainee
General Requirements:
- Minimum 3 People to start the quest
- Must roll 5x Enemy Dice before finishing
Requirements for Lower Ranks: N/A
Minimum Word Count: 500
Location: Frost Covered Grounds
EXP Gain: 30
Coin Gain: 10,000e
Item Reward: N/A
The Frost Covered Grounds have been mostly encased in ice aside from a small portion of the old castle that still remains. It had been buried when the Goddess of Frosts, Glacies had unleashed just a portion of her wrath on the humans of the land for waging a war- the cause of which is unknown... The portion of land that was thawed enough to explore had been uncovered for around a half a century but no scientists have ever returned from their expedition there... A private contractor has placed a listing in several guard stations in the major cities requesting for someone (anyone) to go find out what happened to them.

Upon arriving you notice a great deal of small creatures surrounding what looks like a belltower. This is also where you learn that the chapel wasn't actually uncovered, but rather just the top of it. The creatures around the tower are rather passive, but as soon as you attack one, all 300+ of them will attack you. Inside the belltower at the top of the stairs you see the frozen corpse of someone who looks like a researcher and next to him lays a journal. All the pages are ripped out except one... the last one which details a bit about the small creatures you passed on your way in.

'Day 13 of the Expedition through Glacies's Vale. We've come across these things that look like half-men with ice all over their bodies. They didn't attack us at first, but one of the guards we hired got curious and tried to hunt one to see how it tasted. They all attacked us, using some sort of ice magic to launch projectiles. We managed to escape them for now by rushing into the belltower, but what happens when we try to leave. We've agreed to name these creatures Ice Ants after their small stature, and exemplary team work.' ~Last entry in the journal

Continuing down the partially frozen stairs of the tower for around 900 feet, you find yourself in a room connected to the main chapel. A small object at your feet begins glowing, a crystal made for lighting up small spaces. Next to it are two corpses leaning against the doorway, their bodies littered with dozens of ice spikes. In their hands are one crossbow each, covered in the same ice the 'Ice Ants' from above were coated with. Touching the crossbows will cause them to shatter instantly. The first frozen body, a male, has something else in his other hand... a small crystal that can be easily recognizable as a message crystal.

'My gods... this whole situation's gone tits up. Over a week trekking across this forsaken valley, then the damn spike launchers... -pained breathing- Whoever gets this message... get outta here. They got our leader, turned 'em into one of their freakshows. -Pained Screaming- FUCKING HELL! I'M ALREADY DEAD JUST LET ME DIE IN PEACE! -the sound of hundreds of things impaling him could be heard before the crystal cracks in your hand and shatters-'

The other corpse is a woman wearing lots of armour. 5 foot long spikes stick out of her body and quite a few of them too. In her hand is a large spine much like those on the backs of Porcupines that's made entirely out of ice. Something compels you to take it with you along with the other items you found here. Upon turning to try and leave, a wall of ice will rise and cut off the only escape route. Small blue lights will begin glowing, illuminated the rest of the chapel revealing that you were ambushed... Fight all enemies present and defeat them in order to make the wall of ice melt an allow you to escape before more show up. Upon getting back to the surface the Ice Ants will all be aggressive towards you.

Make your way to the one who contracted you to do the task, his home is a few days away from the chapel's bell tower, and give him all the items you've collected. In return he'll allow you to rest at his lodge as well as treat you to some warm food and drink, pay you for your ordeal and send you on your way.

Is it alright to make up my own enemies?: No

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