Rank 1 - Retrieve the Heirloom

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Rank 1 - Retrieve the Heirloom

Post by Relentless on Mon Aug 15, 2016 12:28 am

Name: Retrieve the Heirloom
Rank: Trainee
Requirements for Lower Ranks: N/A
Minimum Word Count: 350
Location: The Scar
EXP Gain: 15
Coin Gain: 600e
Item Reward: N/A
Many families lost their ancestors in the first great war, the same war that caused an entire section of the known map to be renamed 'The Scar' from their former names. Some such areas were Spirit Valley, Vixen Village, The Iron City, and the Singing Forest. All of these areas are now obliterated, and have all merged to become The Scar. Your mission is to venture there and search for a very old weapon that your client has described in great detail, as well as provided you a picture of. They'll tell you the exact area of the scar that their great-great-great-great-GREAT-GREAT grandparent died in. They'll know for certain if the object you gave them is fake, they won't know why they know it's fake but they'll know.

"The Scar" is home to a large array of predatory creatures so I won't specify only a few. It's up to you when you encounter something, as well as what it is. Combat isn't mandatory for this quest. Bear in mind that "The Scar" is the result of a war like none other, so the area itself looks like hell in a hand-basket.

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