Rank 1 - Dryad's Calling [Dryad Forest Series 1/11]

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Rank 1 - Dryad's Calling [Dryad Forest Series 1/11]

Post by Relentless on Mon Aug 15, 2016 4:42 am

Name: Dryad's Calling
Rank: Trainee
Requirements for Lower Ranks: N/A
General Requirements:
- Must have 1 person with the primary class "Wraith" in the group
- Minimum 3 people
- Must Roll for 10 enemies.
Minimum Word Count: 500
Location: Enchanted Forest
EXP Gain: 30
Coin Gain: 1,000
Item Reward: N/A - No loot is awarded from enemy kills
Passing through the Enchanted Forest you begin hearing singing in the wind... It's known that this forest is filled to the brim with fairies, some of them having merged with the trees themself. Against all forms of better knowledge you find yourself following the sound of the song. Occasionally their song stops just in time for you to be attacked by a group of the Enchanted Forest's denizens.

After a great deal of trouble, you find yourself at a large tree on a small plot of land. Water flows around the land, making it look like a mini-island in the middle of a forest. Something causes you to feel fearful for your life, making you decide to take shelter in the hole inside the large tree. Upon entering it you find yourself in a large room underground with mud-brick walls. Inside is a fairy that oddly enough doesn't attack you at first glance...

The small creature stops singing however and flies close to you, flying around your group while examining you all closely. "So these are the outsiders..." she said with an inquisitive, but calm voice. Landing on someone's shoulder, she takes a seat and says "I'm Isrielda. Why did you come to my home?" After some dialogue you and your group see her reach her hand out and a set of chairs large enough for people to sit in appears. She reassures you that you're all safe, saying she wouldn't want to pick a fight in her own home. She decides to tell you the story of her people, giving you the reason why all fairies are highly aggressive towards outsiders of all kinds, even animals.

"A long time ago, when I was a child the gods had begun fighting with each other..." she begins. The God Wars was over six THOUSAND years ago, so for her to still be alive with memories of it she would have to predate the war... which is strange since she doesn't appear to be all that old. "... The first thing to go was the northern portion of our home. It was after five years of fighting that one day, the temperature suddenly dropped. Everything had turned to ice soon after, but it didn't stop at just that... More ice formed, and soon everything including the air had turned to ice. Half of our people had died in a single moment, all because the gods wanted to fight to see who was the alpha among them." the whole time, Isrielda sounds more depressed than angry at the whole situation. She continues saying "After that happened, only around a decade in your time, the humans began fighting. They waged a war that lasted thirty years and forced the gods to step in... That dreadful slash of death was formed as a result, and again we lost more of our land and people. At that time, our people on the other side of the place humans call 'The Scar' were still alive... The humans fixed that. The fairies in this forest are the last of our people, we fight to prevent your kind from destroying more of us."

After this is said, a portal will open leading back to Tartaros. "Please leave, do not return." she asks. Upon arriving in Tartaros you find a small golden coin in your hand that wasn't there before...

Is it alright to make up my own enemies?: Yes

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