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Official: Awards System!

Post by Game Master on Mon Aug 15, 2016 12:46 pm

Trophies are things given for both small, and amazing things done on site. Please use the below format to turn in your accomplishments for the corresponding trophy.

Accomplishment Name: The name of the accomplishment you're going for...
Proof of Accomplishment: Must provide a link to accomplishments that cannot be proven by simply looking at your profile. If the accomplishment is something like... "Neala" or "Cary" that means providing 100 links to 100 difference completed, and approved thread.


[b]Accomplishment Name[/b]:
[b]Proof of Accomplishment[/b]:

Welcome! - Create an account.
Player One - Have your Character application approved.
 Oooooooh Shiny! - Complete your first Quest that awards Essence.
 Mad Stacks - Have 2,500,000 Essence
 Passive - Complete a non-combat social thread with 3 other people.
 Aggressive - Complete a Combat Social with 1 other person and get a Gold Quality rating.
 Recycled - Create a new character by recycling your old Rank 5 or higher one.
 Twilight Zone - Have a weird Random Event occur In-Character.
 Chilling with the bro's - Complete a Quest with 2 other players

Class Completions:
 Cerberus - Complete your first Trial as a Cerberus
 Wraith - Complete your first Trial as a Wraith
 Banshee - Complete your first Trial as a Banshee

Death Completions:
Slayer - Kill someone in a completely legit fight.
R3k7 - Get killed in a completely legit fight.
Fairy Slayer - Kill 10 fairies, and 1 Player Fairy all in completely legit fights.
Slayer Fairy - Kill 5 Players as a fairy, all in completely legit fights.
Champion - Kill a God's incarnation (Staff controlled)
Reaper - Kill 1 Player in each race, in completely legit fights.

Specific Quest Completions:
 Ignis - Complete 'Ignis Eternum'
○ 500 Influence
○ Customer Title
○ Divine Pet
○ Custom Sub-Forum
○ Access to the "God" Character Race

 Livyathan - Complete all 10 'The Land of a Thousand Lakes' missions.
○ 100 Influence
○ 'Leviathan' title and you can make it rain out of nowhere, even in the desert.

 Aura - Complete all 10 'The Scar' missions.
○ 100 Influence
○ Aura's Blessing: +25% to your Mana Pool, +25% to the Combat Triangle stats

 Tera - Complete all 6 'The Rock on Which We Stand' missions.
○ 100 Influence
○ +25% Experience from quests in 'The Isles'

 Glacies - Complete all 10 'Frost Covered Grounds' missions.
○ 100 Influence
○ One Frost Covered Weapon: Opponents hit by this weapon have their speed reduced by 1 star each time for 2 posts. Being hit multiple times refreshes this debuff, when the targets' speed reaches 0 stars, they're frozen for 1 post. Afterwards they're unfrozen and have their full speed again.

 Duir - Complete all 10 'The Enchanted Forest' missions.
○ 100 Essence
○ Fairy Support Pet: This doesn't count towards the amount of combat pets you own, or have out. This fairy cannot attack enemies, and has one support-only ability.

 Dianichi - Complete all 10 'Treasure Hunter' missions.
○ 100 Influence
○ 500,000 Essence and +20% increase to all Essence gained from missions.

 Promethius - Complete all 10 'Jack of Trades, Master of All" missions.
○ 100 Influence
○ One piece of Divine Equipment. This item has 1 more ability than those of its' type, and has an item level of 15. One ability is level 15, the others are level 10.

 Galaurung - Complete all 10 'Healing Old Wounds' missions.
○ 100 Influence
○ Access to the 'Reverse Time' ability. Once per thread you can reverse the time around a person or object by exactly five in-character seconds.

 Astarot -Complete all 3 'Astral Forge' missions.
○ 100 Influence
○ Access to the 'Summon Aeron' ability. Once per thread for one post you can summon Aeron to assist you in a fight.

 Cary - Complete 'Life by Darkness'
○ 100 Influence
○ Carys' Token: A strange weapon that can't be dodged and kills in one shot. Rumor has it that the weapon came from a different realm. For some reason, using it makes your arm hurt a lot, and if you're small enough it sends you flying backwards. (The weapon is a 50mm Sniper Rifle with 1 shot that cannot be recovered/replaced.)

 Neala - Complete 'Death by Light'
○ 100 Influence
○ Nealas' Token: The next time your character would die, they'll resurrect instantly with all wounds healed, and their Mana restored. (Allows 1 death per thread)

Gold God Achievements:

These are awarded for getting Gold Ratings on the 12 History of The Gods final quests, as well as given to those who finish them first. These award you with an additional 25 Influence, 50,000 Essence, and +2 Stars IF you get all 12.
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