Rank 1 - Man-Made Gills [1K Lakes Series 1/11]

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Rank 1 - Man-Made Gills [1K Lakes Series 1/11]

Post by Relentless on Mon Aug 15, 2016 7:16 pm

Name: Man-Made Gills [Land of a Thousand Lakes Series 1/11]
Rank: Trainee Rank
Requirements for Lower Ranks: N/A
Minimum Word Count: 1,000
Location: Land of a Thousand Lakes
EXP Gain: 15
Coin Gain: 0
Item Reward: Metallic Gills
Metallic Gills Effect - Allows the wearer to breathe underwater but only during the Quests in this one's series. (It's a rebreather)
A research group stationed just a days walk away from the south-western edge of the Land of a Thousand Lakes has requested a bit of help with testing their newest technology. It's an item with rubber edges that you strap to your face before going underwater. It comes equipped with a pair of windows that go over your eyes that are slightly curved to help you see while underwater. The group doesn't have any currency to give you, but if you help them with the testing they'll let you keep one of their Metallic Gills.

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