Rank 1 - Kitsune Kemonomimi Village [H.O.W. Series 1/11]

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Rank 1 - Kitsune Kemonomimi Village [H.O.W. Series 1/11]

Post by Relentless on Mon Aug 15, 2016 11:01 pm

Name: Kitsune Kemonomimi Village
Rank: Trainee
Requirements for Lower Ranks: N/A
General Requirements:
--- 3 Players minimum to start
--- Roll 10 times
Minimum Word Count: 2,500
Location: Kitsune Kemonomimi Village
EXP Gain: 30
Coin Gain: 10,000e
Item Reward: N/A
It's known that when the scar was formed by a god unleashing their wrath on the world for engaging in yet another senseless war that many civilizations were destroyed. Many species had gone extinct, with the most renown being the women of Kitsune Kemonomimi Village. Their face came about from their attractive figures, long, flowing hair as well as their Fox-like traits. In their prime, the village was a place of wonder for many scientists as all children born here for some reason were always Kitsune Kemonomimi even if the father was a different species all together... That and lonely men could travel to this place and find a woman very quickly due to the village's already minuscule amount of men.

Rumor had been spread that there was a method by which the village could be brought back, but it would require a tissue sample from one of the corpses in the area. Your mission is to venture through The Scar, battling the various predatorial creatures that live throughout it and make your way to the ruins of Kitsune Kemonomimi Village and poke around to see if you can find a corpse that hasn't entirely decomposed.... (This is where you roll your 10 enemies, if you roll a "Boss" it actually counts as 2x "Mini-Bosses")

Upon arriving at the scene, the smell of rotting corpses could still be smelled even though this place had been destroyed for centuries. You can't help but shake the feeling that you're being followed, being watched as you go about looking for a suitable body to bring back. After some time, one of the members of the group will be attacked out of the blue by something that's moving far faster than anything that you've encountered thus far. Afterwards a woman reveals herself to be the attacker asking what your business is here. After a long, arduous battle something else will enter the fight and paralyze everyone. Revealing itself, a small girl with Fox-like ears and a tail will step out and tell everyone to stop fighting. After some dialogue the woman who doesn't have the fox parts will tell you all that Namine is the fox-girl's name and she's the last of her kind.

Once you assure Miyuki that you didn't come to try and take Namine away, she'll tell you that she plans to keep the child safe by taking her back to the Temple of Aura to be raised by the monks. She'll let you know that there's no corpse in the village that hasn't decayed or been picked clean, and as a friendly gesture will cut a small bit of hair from Namine and give it to you. She'll let you know that if the science guys need a sample from one of the denizens of the place, then the hair will be plenty. After that the two of you part ways until next time...

Is it alright to make up my own enemies?: Yes

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