I. Code of Conduct

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I. Code of Conduct

Post by Game Master on Tue Mar 07, 2017 11:17 pm

Staff approves applications because it's balanced in their eyes, and their opinions are reinforced by my faith in them. If someone else's setup is stronger than yours, don't demand it gets nerfed. Submit a formal, respectful, ticket to an admin and it'll be handled as they see fit.

They work hard to make things on site as enjoyable as possible and don't yield any money for their precious time. They don't need other players coming down on them for doing a difficult task as best they can, and I certainly won't tolerate it.

We're not after keyboard warriors here, so don't attack others, shame and blame, or start flame wars anywhere on site or chat rooms affiliated with it. Whatever happened between you and someone else on another site, I don't care- get over it.

In the chatbox you're permitted to use Caps Lock, Emojis, and Curse words- don't overdo it. In the Suggestions Forum, don't complain about something and forget to leave a proper solution- the development team will ignore it under my order.

Don't steal someone else's post, re-use your own, or duplicate threads to bolster your word amd/or post count. If found doing so, your reward will be revoked on the spot.

Don't jump from moderator to moderator, admin to admin, developer to developer in an attempt to get the answer you want. Site staff are permitted to ask other staff members to take over something, members aren't permitted to ask for a different staff member because the last one is "too tough" on them. Any issues with my staff is to be directed to myself, which I will handle personally.

On site, violence is permitted to a degree. Sexual content in your posts is also permitted to a much lesser extent. Do not post mass murder scenes of gory magnificence, and certainly don't give the details on your characters' sexual experiences with NPC's or other players. Don't post pornography anywhere on site, and certainly don't sexually harrass anyone on site. If it's found that you are, you'll be banned immediately after the evidence is scene, without warning under a Level 10 offense.

Invasion of threads are permitted, but if it's found that you're entering thread after thread, killing players characters without care your character will be terminated by the High King himself.

Don't Godmod, metagame, power play, or loophole on site. This is a major offense, and makes RP'ing much less fun when being done. While RP'ing your character as they're intended to be, making them light years more powerful than the gods themselves without rhyme or reason won't be tolerated.

Magic Prodigy was made so people could have fun RP'ing in a world where guns and magic come together. If a point comes where you're simply not enjoying RP'ing here at all, don't feel ashamed to leave the site- temporarily or permanently. We'd rather you leave with fond memories of friends, than stay feeling bogged down and miserable.
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