VII. Companions (Pets)

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VII. Companions (Pets)

Post by Game Master on Sun Mar 12, 2017 9:17 pm

While most places call them 'Pets,' here in Ozulon we call them Companions. The reason being is that the word 'pet' implies that the creature being called that isn't sentient, or is incapable of higher thought. However, many times individuals would take in a member of the same or an alternate race. They'd fight along side them, eat at the same table, win together, loose together, and grow together just as a master and their pet. To call them a pet would be insulting, so we call them companions.
• Companions cannot be Gods.
• Companions must be small enough to fit through a door frame with realative ease. You may give the companion an ability that lets it grow in size.
• You may have unlimited Non-Combat Companions. These are companions that have no abilities at all, cannot fight at all, and do not aid in combat in any way, shape, or form.
• You may have 1 Combat Companion, or Two Combat Companions with the Beast Tamer skill.
• You may use a Character Ability slot to increase your maximum companion slots by +1, but no higher. Multiples of these will not increase the maximum further.
• You may not use an Equipment, or Companion ability to increase your maximum Companion count.
• You may only have 1 combat companion out at a time.

• There are two ways to acquire a companion; By having the companion as part of your character history, or by going through the Beast Tamer skill.
• Companion obtained through Character History are always Common, and Level 1.
• Companion obtained through a Beast Tamer can start at any level (more info below).
• The below is the Word Count requirement for obtaining a pet for the corresponding level.
• The below doesn't need to be all in one thread, but rather, can be spread out across multiple threads. If done like this, the desired Companion cannot assist in combat for that period.


• Companions are leveled up with Development Points.
• Higher grade companions require more DP to level up.
• There are 3 grades of Companion:
○ Common: Used to define Companions that require little effort to come by.
○ Elite: Companions that are quite powerful and harder to obtain.
○ Divine: Companions that are given to mortals by the gods as a gift for past deeds.
• The below chart displays the amount of Development Points it takes to level up the companion. As it could be expected, the stronger your companion already is, the harder it'll be to make it stronger. Higher grade companions are even harder to level up than lower grade ones.
• Common companions start with 35 stat points, this is including the 1 pre-assigned point to each stat.
• Elite and Divine companions begin with 40 stat points, this is including the 1 pre-assigned point to each stat.

Development Points to Level Up

Differences in Grade
Stat Points
Per Level
Abilities1 Passive
1 Active
1 Passive
1 Active
2 Custom
1 Passive
1 Active
4 Custom

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