VI. Equipment

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VI. Equipment

Post by Game Master on Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:22 am

• Equipment is the general term for items worn that have an impact on combat.
• Some equipment are easy to find, others are more obscure.
• Players all have 5 Equipment Slots, each peice of equipment takes up 1 slot.
• You can use Character Abilities to increase the amount of Equipment Slots you have by +1. The maximum slot gain is +3.
• You can use Pet Abilities to increase that individual pets' maximum equipment slots by +1.
• There's 4 types of equipment: Charms, Accessories, Weapons, and Armour. Each equipment type has its' advantages and disadvantages.

Charms are items with some sort of tie to a god or goddess. They're normally spirit pouches, but can also be any other object that's sanctified by a Priest or Priestess. The exception to this is if the item is also a different type of equipment; so you cannot have a Charm-Sword, or Charm-Gauntlet.

• Charms deal 0 damage, period.
• Charms cannot be destroyed through normal means.
• Charms cannot have Active Abilities.
• All abilities on a Charm must have something to do with the other abilities.
• Charms have 3 abilities, all equal to the level of the charm itself.

• Melee weapons are items used to hitting opponents to deal damage. These can include, but are not limited to: Scythes, Swords, Clubs, Mauls, Maces, Flails, Daggers, and Brass Knuckles. Anything that requires you to get up close and personal with an opponent, that you need to swing to physically hit them with is a melee weapon.
• Ranged weapons are anything used to deal non-magical damage from a distance. These can include bows, crossbows, ballistae, slingshots, throwing darts, throwing knives, and throwing axes. These aren't the only types of ranged weapons, but rather a few example. (Note: Guns are not allowed.)
• Magic weapons are the rarest form of weapon, and by far the most expensive for good reason. Inside each and every magic weapon is two things; Enchanted materials which either means finding an Elf or going in the Enchanted Forest, and Fairy Hearts- which means someone has to kill a Fairy. Magic weapons can be Staves, Gloves, Talismans, Wands, or even Melee and Ranged weapons.
• All weapons have 2 Ability Slots that can be active or passive.
• Weapon abilities must be Offensive in nature. This has some leeway depending on the desired ability, but is mostly set in stone.
• Magic Weapons allow any spell that requires that weapon to be cast, to be cast without needing to announce the spell.
• Magic Weapons fire bolts of non-elemental magic. These bolts move slower than ranged weapon projectiles, but hit hard.

Armour is any item that you wear during combat to protect that area of your being. There are three kinds of armour: Arcane, Leather, and Metal. Naturally, there are some versions of armour that crosses with others, but these are the three basic ones.

• Arcane Armour is essentially clothes for mages. The armour is light-weight and easy to move around in. It has very little to offer in terms of defensive capabilities, but if you're a mage on the front lines, you're not a mage.
• Leather Armour is best suited for rangers, and assassins. The armour is okay at taking magic and melee attacks, and is the best to use against mages since it provides good defensive ability, and still allows for fast movement. The fact that it doesn't normally clank or jangle when sneaking up on them is a plus too.
• Metal Armour offers excellent protection against melee and some ranged attacks depending on the weapon being used, but are aweful for taking on mages. Plate metal can be used to stop slashing and stabbing attacks, but are weak to crushing. Chain metal is good for slashing and crushing attacks, but is very weak to stabbing.
• Armour has 2 ability slots.
• Armour abilities must be Defensive in nature. This has some leeway depending on the desired ability, but is mostly set in stone.

Accessories can be rings, necklaces, pendants, anklets, brecelets, errings, or any other small trinket you can wear on your person. They offer the same concealability as Charms, but are easier to create.

• Accessories each have 1 ability slot.
• Abilities on Accessories must be passive.
• It takes 3 Accessories to use 1 equipment slot.
• Accessories' abilities are the same level as the equipment itself.

Damage dealt by weapons is decided by RP during PvP, and PvE. There is no HP system on this site, nor is there a damage system. Since there's no damage system, there's also no durability system. The point at which your weapon shatters into a million peices is up to you. Try and be logical when combatting in PvP, and give the combat rules a once-over.
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