IV. Stats

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IV. Stats

Post by Game Master on Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:42 am

While other sites use levels, and status points to gauge the power of each individual, this one uses something called "Stars" which allows for comparison of characters without unnecessary bragging because of absurdly higher numbers.

• There are 7 stats:
--- Strength: This is the measure of how physically strong your character is and it effects how hard your character hits with physical attacks.
--- Precision: This is the measure of how accurate your character is at range and effects their accuracy with ranged weapons of all kinds.
--- Control: This is a measure of how accurate your character is with magic and effects their accuracy with magic, mana pool, and amount of spells.
--- Speed: This is the measure of how fast your character can move compared to other characters.
--- Agility: This is the measure of how quickly your character can change direction while moving when compared to other characters.
--- Reaction Time: This is the measure of how quickly your character can react to incoming attacks.
--- Endurance: This is the measure of how well your character can take a hit, as well as be effected by knockbacks, stun, and paralysis effects.
• When you start, your account has 33 stars that can be distributed to your stats at your leisure.
• Each level you're given +1 more star to distribute.
• At level 10 you gain +1 more star after your Lv. 10 trial
• All stats have a minimum of 1 star pre-assigned to them that cannot be removed, meaning that with the 33 you have to use as you please, you start with 40.
• All stats have a maximum of 10 stars that can be assigned to them, this is including the 1 star that's pre-assigned.

Stat Buffs:
• Permanent Buffs to the 7 stats aren't permitted at all as there are no numbers to increase.
• Permanent Buffs to other things effected by the stats however, are permitted. An example of such a thing would be a boost to your Mana Pool.
• Temporary increases to your stats are capable of pushing your character over the 10 star limit.
• The level of spells effects the power of the buff, refer to Magic Rules for more infomration.
• Buffs to stats are all done in multiples of 25%, and are equal to X% of 1 star. So those with 250% boost spells are boosting their stat by 2.5 stars.

Stats In PvP:
First off, stats are not the be-all-end-all, final deciding factor in PvP. Stats are used for comparison purposes, letting you know where your opponent surpasses you and vice-versa. Additionally, some logic does apply to combat on site. For example, chain-mail is good at brushing off slashing attacks, but aweful at stabbing attacks. Plate armor is good at taking stabbing and slashing attacks, but not so much at crushing attacks. Armour that's made of poor material, or thin material can be damaged horribly by weapons made of stronger material, or spells cast by powerful mages, and the examples can go on for days.

• Strength lets you know how much stronger or weaker you are than your opponent. Those using shields can use this stat to gauge how well they can block an attack. The same can be said for those who clash swords and find themselves at a stalemate.

• Precision is a stat best used for mid-to-long ranged attacks as it dictates the accuracy of those attacks. Naturally, precision is reduced as you use attacks from greater range since those attacks take more time to get to their target. This can be countered by having extremely fast attacks, like arrows. Precision has no effect on melee attacks since those attacks are so close that only speed, reaction time, and agility can counter it.

• Control is the magical equivalent of Precision when gauging accuracy of spells. The higher your Control, the more spells you're able to cast and the more Mana you have to use on those spells. There's also the benefit of spells costing less based on your Control stat. Spells lower in level than your stars in Control cost 5% less for each of those levels up to a maximum of -45% for a Trainee spell cast by someone with 10 stars in Control.

• Speed lets you run faster than your peers who have less stars in the stat. Spells, Abilities, Weapons all have a designated speed and can be outrun by someone who's fast enough.

• Agility lets you quickly change direction in the middle of actions, a valuable skill to have. This lets you change an attack into a block at the drop of a hat depending on your opponent's speed, and your Agility + Reaction time.

• Reaction Time lets you react to things around you quickly. While you can never react fast enough to dodge light, you can increase your reaction time to dodge almost anything.

• Endurance lets you resist Knock-backs, Stuns, and Paralyzing effects. If your Endurance is stronger than your opponent's stun/paralysis by 2 or more, you're immune to that stun. However, this only applies to single hits- not combined force. If hit by multiple effects in the same posting cycle, and their combined level is either 1 level lower, equal to, or higher than your Endurance, you'll be effected. Knock-backs are caused by powerful force like the ones caused by two-handed weapons, all of which are capable of staggering you if their wielder's strength is 2 stars above your Strength AND Endurance.
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