VIIII. Leveling Up

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VIIII. Leveling Up

Post by Game Master on Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:13 pm

As you know; there's a Good side known as Tartaros, a Bad side known as The Gauntlet, and people who stand in the middle. Both sides identify using the exact same ranking system since it's easier to work with. Teaching your underlings their ranks also teaches their enemy's rank. Knowing this, they'll be able to identify which enemy is a high ranking official or a low ranking peon. The reason this is important is that 'Recruits' make for horrible hostages, but a 'Destroyer' can be ransomed for equipment, supplies, or other people who can be turned into slaves. There are a total of 10 ranks. Below they're listed in order from lowest to highest. They were originally very official; things like Corporal, Sargent, General, and all that good stuff. A change was made when magic got mixed in with standard combat, and citizens of destroyed cities began referring to the soldiers by their level of threat.


Many sites use Experience Points (EXP) to level a character up. On those sites, you're required to do so much of a task to gain a set of experience, and once you've accumulated enough of it you can hit the next level. Other sites gauge level ups based on how your character has developed as a whole. Characters that have a main goal of getting stronger to achieve a goal would level up by making advancements in their power, defeating stronger and stronger enemies after getting a beat down by them. Characters that have a main goal of developing their personality, gaining life experience, and becoming better people as a whole would level up by doing just that. The level up system here on Magic Prodigy is a hybrid of the two. Your character must make some sort of advancement in their character, and you need to have a certain amount of EXP. Additionally, after every 3 levels you're required to undergo a special mission to increase your level to the next tier. You gain 1 Character Ability after this. The Total Experience required for each level is as follows:

RankEXP to Obtain
*God/Goddess does not provide the same IC benefits as other ranks, but rather a different set entirely as well as an elite achievement.

As you can see from the chart above, the total EXP required per level becomes astronomical as you increase in power. This is because as you become more and more powerful, you need to push yourself farther and farther to make your body realize it needs to strengthen itself. If you continuously do the same weak missions you always have done, or put little-to-no effort in performing your missions then you'll develop slowly. Having a fight against an opponent you kill instantly is a walk in the park obviously, there's no need for your body to evolve to be stronger. But a fight against an opponent two or even three times your power, that's dominating you every step of the way, and making you pull out tricks you previously thought were beneath you... that fight will make you grow powerful if you survive. So what methods are there to gaining this 'oh so elusive' exp?

are the best method to gain EXP. They grant a base amount of EXP that varies depending on the level, and difficulty of the mission. This base amount is relatively low, but as mentioned, it's a base amount. At the end of missions, you're given a rating: White, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond.
• White rating applies a +0% multiplier and is awarded to those who create lackluster threads that are a chore to read.
• Bronze rating applies a +10% multiplier and is awarded to those who go above the required word count by a certain amount, but don't really do much more in the means of making the thread stand out.
• Silver rating gives +20% EXP, and is for those who try to make an interesting thread. They go over the minimum word count, have details that are okay- not amazing but good enough to not leave a mess of questions unanswered.
• Gold means that you did an amazing thread. It's a thread with nearly no bland parts, the word count exceeded the requirements, the words you used were powerful enough to leave an impression and because of that you gain +30% EXP.
• Platinum is for threads that are escalated to myself for review as the grading mod was trying to get you approved for Diamond. A mod trying to get you approved for Diamond doesn't mean I'll instantly give you platinum since Platinum is a short way of saying 'It's pretty damn good, but not good enough for diamond.' This rating gives you +50% EXP.
• Diamond is for threads that are nearly flawless, and almost no one will be able to get this rating. This is the only rating where Grammar, Spelling, and Vocabulary actually are considered. The only way to get Diamond rating is for a Thread Moderator to read your thread, and decide that it's so amazing that it should get more than Gold. The mod then has me (GM) read it over, and I make the final verdict. Getting this awards an elite achievement the first time, and double EXP every time you get it.
○ Concerns about quality based grading are acknowledged. I understand bias, and elitism are both very real issues in our society. Our staff on site are expected to do the tasks they've volunteered to do with professionalism, and I trust them to make these calls. I have very strict rules about respecting the community, and the staff are obligated to provide constructive, non-asshole feedback on why they gave the rating they gave if asked for it. Grammar, and Spelling do not count towards White, Silver, or Gold ratings. Vocabulary counts towards Gold rating, but isn't a deal breaker in most cases. For Bronze, Silver, or Gold- having a good enough thread is the only factor that is critical.
○ Performing missions 1 level above your own requires a 3 man team, or 1 person who meets or exceeds the level requirement, +1 more person. This awards full XP.
○ Performing missions 2 levels above your own requires a 5 man team, period.
○ You cannot perform missions 3+ levels above your own.
○ Below is a chart with the base EXP for missions.

Mission LevelEXP Awarded

is an item purchasable through the General Goods store that increases your EXP gain by 25% for 1 month. This item is activated from the moment you purchase it, and the time can be tracked on your character profile under your 'Booster Log.' Once purchased, it cannot be refunded and the EXP gain is only valid for threads you started 3 days before the purchase, and turn in during the 30 days of activation. The 30 days can be extended to 31 if you bought the item on the 1st day of a month with 31 days in it.

is an item purchasable through the Influence shop that increases your EXP gain by 50% for 1 month. This overrides the Exp Accumulators' enhancement and follows the same rules as the accumulator.

can be purchased from the Influence shop and increases your EXP by a fixed amount depending on the package.

award more EXP than quests, but this is dependent on your in-character actions, as well as your posting frequency. The threads are also graded for quality, and a bonus can be applied like this.

have the potential to aware EXP, but this must first be approved by a site Admin, Relentless, or myself. The EXP awarded at the end of the thread must be approved by the same person who approved the thread (for consistency reasons), and the thread must be graded by a mod/admin (or group if there's too many people).

is another way of earning EXP, but this is a PvP only type of event so it's not for everyone. The EXP given is always 50% of the EXP required to reach your next level, from your current EXP total; so it's best to level up first and then compete.

are ones where staff who've obtained permission from myself or Relentless randomly drop in on your thread for any reasons that doesn't involve killing/trying-to-kill you. The EXP awarded is- just like the occurrence, random.

are done when you and one (1) other person square up and start training together. The thread must be true training, as the EXP given is at the discretion of the grading moderator. If it's found that mod gave you an absurd amount of EXP for seemingly no reason, the thread will be regraded by myself and your EXP will be changed accordingly.

can be turned in by a moderator for EXP. These are socials that are exceptionally well done, and the grading mod has decided it's deserving of EXP. These threads are either graded by myself, Relentless, or an Admin.

*Yes I know the roman numeral for 9 is IX but the settings wouldn't allow me to put it and still be in the correct order.
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