VIII. Crafting

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VIII. Crafting

Post by Game Master on Mon Mar 20, 2017 2:58 am

While it's possible to purchase your items, it's also possible to craft them. Items crafted are generally more rewarding than ones purchased since they require more effort, time, and care. Some items can be crafted with your basic tools, others require specific items to obtain. Depending on your chosen Artisan Skills, you may be able to craft some very valuable items.
• Upon creating your character, you may have one (1) Artisan Skill immediately.
• Other than creating your character, Artisan skills can only be obtained through completing related missions.
• All skills require something to make use of. Some require Development Points, others require you to make a thread with a minimum Word Count.
• Things being produced cannot exceed the level of the production skill.
• Production skills also include the necessary gathering skills. Gathering materials isn't required for most skills except Magic Item Crafter, but for story purposes you are able to make use of gathering if you'd like. An example is a blacksmith mining their own ore, cutting their own wood for the forge, etc...
• Upgrading equipment from one level to the next does not require the full WC, but rather the difference in required WC for the current level and the desired level.
• Threads for producing items must be labeled in a specific way, for example... {High King of Tartaros - Production Thread [Herbalist, Blacksmith, Fletcher] HM}
○ The above label broken down translates to:
1.) Who's making the thread (you can use your IC or Account name, if the thread is with multiples include their names as well)
2.) The type of thread (Production)
3.) The things being made in the thread (Potions, melee gear, and a ranged weapon)
4.) Easy Mode or Hard Mode (check Development Points in Magic Prodigy System rules)

are masters at working with magic itself. They're able to control the etherium around them, channel it through themselves and then into any item that isn't already enchanted.
• The level of enchantments made is equal to the Arcanist skill on the one who enchanted it.
• Enchantments must coincide with the rules for equipment.
• Equipment cannot be enchanted with abilities stronger than the item.
• Each enchantment costs 50 Development Points per level of the enchantment.

are excellent at working metal to the point where steel is their body, and fire is its' blood. Some have literally crafted over a thousand blades. They specialize in making weapons and armour out of metal, specifically for melee combat style.
• There are two types of Blacksmiths under the 'Blacksmith' Artisan Skill:
○ Blacksmiths(W) can only make melee weapons.
○ Blacksmiths (A) can only make melee armour.
• Non-Magic staves count as melee weapons
• Blacksmiths cannot make Magic staves as they require a fairy heart, and there's a certain finess required to not destroy the heart while trying to make it a weapon.
• Blacksmiths cannot enchant their own Accessories unless they're also an Arcanist.

make food that's slightly stronger than the stuff you can buy in the General Goods store. Any percentage boost given by General Store food is increased by a base of 6% for Level 1 Cheffs, and +1% more for each level above 1.
• Food is used for applying temporary buffs to characters that normally span a week.
• Food crafted that doesn't apply a percentage buff (like +1 to Strength) lasts +1 days until level 7.
• Food crafted that doesn't apply a percentage buff lasts +7 days, and is doubled at level 10 Cheff. (+2 strength for 2 weeks using the above example)
• Food requires 1,000 words to craft at Level 1, and +250 words per level afterwards.

or Craftswomen in the case of the ladies specialize in making jewelry. Any accessory desired can be made by any and all craftsmen; rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings, anklets, you name it!
• Naturally, craftsmen aren't limited to only accessories. They can make chairs, tables, cabinets, urns, and any other non-linnen decorum they so desire.
• Creating non-equipment accessories, and non-equipment anything requires no WC at all. Feel free to just say 'I made this' and it will be so- just don't try registering something by saying you made it unless you have proof.
• Craftsmen cannot enchant their own Accessories unless they're also an Arcanist.

are able to make ranged weapons. They're like blacksmiths, except they specialize in making weapons to work from a distance. Bows, arrows, crossbows, slingshots, shuriken, etc.. They can make it all, just don't ask them to enchant it too...
• Being good at working with wood, Fletchers can also make some very nice carvings.
• Fletchers cannot enchant their own Accessories unless they're also an Arcanist.

are masters of Herblore; the knowledge of herbs, how they interact with each other, and how they interact with other beings. They can bottle fame, brew glory, and even put a stopper on death!
• Herbalists can hold 1 potion on their person before completing 'The Alchemists' Plight' mission.
• The Word Count requirement for potions is 500WC for level 1 potions, and +100 for each level afterwards.
• You only need to acquire your potions 1 time, it will automatically renew at the beginning of each mission.
• If changing your potion, you'll have to re-acquire it.

specialize in making items with the most powerful object in the world, fairy hearts. These are the people who make massive money, very quickly when they decide to go out and procure their materials themselves. Even level 1 magic weapons and armour cost a minimum of 510,000 Essence because the cost of a single Fairy Heart (500,000 Essence).
• Fairy Hearts can only be obtained by killing (wanna take a wild guess what to kill?) Fairies. Shocking, I know... They're not sold in the General Goods store, and are rare to find in the Enchanted Forest. Because of this, Fae are highly targetted and their hearts are valued at 500,000 Essense for just one.
• All Magic Items (Accessories, Armour, Charms, Weapons) require a Fae's heart to craft, just one.
• Magic Item Crafters can enchant their own creations as most of the magic is already inside the item, it just needs to be directed.

are good at writing, which can be a very valuable skill. Many who pick up a book written by a master scribe find that the pen may not be able to cleave your opponent in half, but it makes it a hell of a lot easier to do it.
• Scribes can create several different kinds of Grimoires; Development, Enhancement, Spell, Competancy, and Magic in order of lowest to highest Word Count.
○ Development Tomes reward +1,500 Development Points to those who read them.
○ Enhancement Grimoires grant 1 month of any boost desired equal to a spell of the Grimoire's level.
○ Spell Grimoires award +1 spell slot of the Grimoires' level to the oen who reads it.
○ Competancy Grimoire awards +1, level 1 Character Ability to the one who reads it.
○ Magic Grimoires are the most wanted by mages. They're capable of holding 10 extra spells within, each of them equal to the level of the Tome itself. These can be activated for no MP one (1) time each, afterwards they cost MP to use.
○○○Limits to use of items: 1 Magic Grimoire ever, 1 Spell Grimoire per magic level, 1 Competancy grimoire after each Special Mission, and 1 Enhancement Grimoire ever active at any given time.

Word Count for Tome Crafting
Grimoire Level12345678910

make Charms for others. The charms are able to hold more enchantments than any other item, but have their own downsides. Spiritualists are also able to commune with spirits, as their name might imply.
• Beyond creating Charms, a Spiritualist can also craft Divine Equipment.
• Divine Equipment has many requirements:
○ Level 10 Spiritualist
○ Complete the Path of: Sorrow, Guilt, Lust, Greed, Vanity, Volition, and Pain missions.
○ Complete 'A Spiritualists' Secret' mission.
○ 10 Divine Rhino Horns
○ 10 Fallen Star Chunks
○ 5 Fae Hearts
○ 1 Level 10 Base Item
○ 50,000 Words
• Spiritualists can enchant any item they craft as the gods themselves endow that item with its' power, the spiritualist merely asks them for what they need.

are masters of the loom, able to weave fine clothes. They can make robes for Arcanists to enchant for their apprentices, or spectacular armour for the skilled hunter or assassin.
• Tailors are unable to make enchanted robes (unless they're also an Arcanist), but they can make the robes and give them to an Arcanist to enchant for them.
• Tailors can only make Ranged armour, or the base for Magic Armour- never melee.

The below chart applies to any production skill where a Word Count is not explicitly written.
Item LevelWord Count
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