V. Disciplinary System

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V. Disciplinary System

Post by Game Master on Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:55 am


This is a section I hope we'll never need, but I know that one day we will. This explains the consequences for actions. Whenever you commit an infraction on site that violates our code of conduct, or in general is bad for the community but isn't on our CoC, it is weighed. An example would be calling a member of our sites' staff an unpleasant term once, versus calling them it multiple times or using different terms in rapid succession. One is obviously less horrible than the other, so one would get a more unpleasant reprimand than the other.

When weighing violations and infractions, there are several things taken into account:
• The first one is evidence; rule of thumb, pix or it didn't happen. When staff, or members of the community are submitting an infraction I don't take copy and paste chat logs. I only accept screen shots.
• Next is the circumstances of the issue. Were both of you triggered? Who lashed out first? Does one of you have a history of being an asshat? Did the issue ever get resolved, or did it happen before? These are all important to consider.
• Third on the list is just how bad it was. You got a bit miffed and said screw you to a grading mod? That's not too horrible, you might get a scolding, and told not to do it again. You got super salty over getting nerfed and left a super nasty message about them and other staff members on site, or one of the site chats; that'd be a bit worse of a punishment. Not outright banning (unless it's multiple offenses) but maybe a level 2 or 3.
• The last thing taken into account is how often you get in trouble. If it's your first offense and it's not that big of a deal you have a lot less to worry about than if you get in trouble every other week.

For those who actually do get in trouble every other week, we have a 12 point system. Every time you get in trouble, you're given between 1 and 3 points depending on the infraction. The exception is anything that's an automatic permanent ban of course. Every 30 days you go without getting in trouble, 1 point is removed from your profile. When you hit 12 points, your account is banned for 6 months- during which time your points are reduced to 11. If after that time, you hit 12 points again- or you try to sneak your way back on site without submitting an appeal to Relentless or myself, you're account(s) and posts are deleted and your IP address will be banned. Please don't let it come to that.

For those who feel the reprimand given was unjust, you can submit an appeal to me at magicprodigyGM@gmail.com, which can be done even if your account/IP Address is banned. For the appeal, which I pray I never need to go through, use the below template:
[b]Email to Reply to[/b]:
[b]Date of Occurrance[/b]:
[b]Punishment Level[/b]: (if banned just write banned)
[b]Your Appeal[/b]:

Punishment Levels
• 1 Points:
○ Level 1: Warning
○ Level 2: Exp reduction of -5% total.
○ Level 3: Exp reduction of -10% total, -5% Dev Points.
• 2 Points
○ Level 4: 1 Hour ban
○ Level 5: 1 Hour ban, -25% Exp and Dev Points
○ Level 6: 1 Day banned, -25% Exp and Dev Points
• 3 Points
○ Level 7: 1 Week Banned, -50% Exp and Dev Points
○ Level 8: 1 Month Banned, -50% Exp and Dev Points
○ Level 9: 1 Month Banned, account is set to -15,000 Exp, 0 Dev Points, and Level 1. All items, spells, pet level, etc are preserved.
• 12 Points
○ Level 10: Perma Ban: "Final Words" are allowed for those getting banned for good. You will have 24 hours after being notified before you're banned for good. You may give any and all of your items, money, and 25% of your EXP and Dev Points to anyone you desire. Say goodbye to your guild if you're in one, or leave a nasty message for one of our staff to delete- your choice really. Members of staff who are perma banned while still on staff will not be granted this, they'll just be banned instantly. Those who are put for the 24 hour pending period are moved to a group specifically for them where the only place they can post on site is the Intro/Farewell board.
○ Level 11: Instant banning, denied final words, all associated accounts are deleted, ability to appeal instantly revoked, IP address is banned. If an appeal is sent containing an unprofessional message the email is blocked. Needless to say, this is extremely hard to achieve.

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