III: Characters

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III: Characters

Post by Game Master on Tue Mar 21, 2017 5:19 pm

There's no 'deep, insightful' exposition I can make for this. You know what a character is, I know what a character is, and if you don't know what a character is then you need to stop living under bridges you troll. The list below states everything you gain when you first make your character:
• 33 Stars you can use for stats
• 7 Stars permanently placed in stats
• 1,000 Development Points
• 1 Character Ability
• 1 Level One Weapon + Armour based on your Class
• 5,000 Essence (Gold coins)
• 1 Active, Passive, and Variable Natural Ability.
• 1 Level 1 Artisan skill of your choice

There are 3 classes in total:
• Cerberus is the name given to those who fancy getting in close and bashing their opponents to death. Those who choose this class are given 1 Melee Weapon and 1 Melee armour upon creation.
• Banshee is the name given to those who take up a ranged combat style. When created, you're given 1 Ranged weapon, 1 set of leather armour, and 1 combat knife.
• Wraith is the name given to mages, and mages are given a set of Arcane Robes and one weapon. The weapon isn't a magic one, so you'll still have to announce your spells when you cast them.

There are currently 11 Races for you to choose from, you can find them by clicking the word "Races" above.. Each race has it's own back story, and a bit of information about their culture. It also includes that races' home area, and a bit more information.

There's a special rule revolving Fae characters. At all times, even if you choose to have an Easy Mode thread, your thread can be entered by anyone and they can try to kill you and rip your valuable heart out. Fae hearts sell for 500,000 Essence each to the General Goods store, and cannot be bought from it. When making your Fae, keep that in mind.

To 'borrow' this explanation from LH; there are two parts of your being. There's Anima, which is the physical aspect of your body. Then there's Ether, the non-physical aspect of your body. When you die, your Anima and Ether are extremely unwilling to part and will remain connected for 30 days. During that time, you may be resurrected by means of purchasing Sacred Pheonix Ashes from the General Goods store for an incredibly high price. Alternatively, you can have someone that's already in the thread who has a resurrection spell use it on you. After the 30 day period, you can still resurrect your character using Sacred Pheonix Ashes, but you'll lose some of your in-character memories (25% total EXP loss). If the EXP loss would put you under the EXP needed for your level, you will not lose the level.

Attacking a thread is the term used to shorten up 'entering a thread that you weren't originally in and trying to kill someone, or everyone in that thread without permission' and is the term I'll be using from here on. You may only attack 1 thread at a time. If it's found that you've attacked more than one, you'll be killed by the High King himself in both of them.
• When you kill another person's character, you gain 25% of their Essence.
• When you kill a Fae, you also gain their heart which has a ridiculously high value.

Naturally there will be people who want to create plots with the gods. So to kill a few questions here:
• Demi-Gods are not a thing, the gods do not mate with mortals.
• There are no 'other' gods in existence. You can become a god, but that's a very long and arduous path (check requirements under Awards System)
• The gods are not NPC's that you control, they're actually RP'd by someone.
• Any questions regarding the gods, or their actions can be directed to Relentless or myself.
• Those who begin the God Quests (also listed under the awards system) will have an opportunity to meet the gods in person.
• The god you choose to follow does not effect the faction/guild you join unless you want it to.
• You can choose to be Godless, but you also accept that you have no benefits from doing so.

Being part of a guild gives access to Teams, and Guild Perks.
• Teams are groups of members within the same guild who choose to go on many missions together as they all seem to work well together, or they really like each other's company.
○ Teams gain +25% EXP when performing missions with 3+ members present
○ Teams have access to 'Team Challenges'
○ Teams have an invisible +1 star to the combat triangle stats when performing missions with each other.
○ Teams formed can remain teams even after a member has left the guild, but they loose the EXP boost.
○ Minimum 2+ people to form a team
• Guild Perks are given to those who are in a guild, and meet certain requirements.
○ Create and complete your introduction, perform 1 level up Special Mission in the guild, and complete a quest specific to your guild for unlocking the perks. These are the bare minimum, but your guild may have more.
○ Guilds have access to Guild Missions
○ Guilds have access to having Teams
○ Guilds have access to their own Sub-Forums
○ Guilds have access to a Guild Passive, Guild Ability, Guild Spell, and Secret Weapon.
• You can be guildless, but by choosing this you accept that you do not have access to these perks.
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